How To Spy, Hijack WhatsApp Messages for iPhone or Android?

The alluring aspect of Whatsapp (W/App) has made itself famous. It‘s proclaimed as the most popular app that is being used by people for messaging purpose. It’s not only free, but is also works as a cross-messaging platform. The ease and lack of difficulty in...

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How to Monitor or Spy on Your Kids Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,Instagram) use?

How to Monitor Your Kids Social media Use - An infographic by the team at Spymaster Pro To Embed How to Monitor Your Kids Social media Use on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below Card

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How To Find Lost iPhone

How to find lost iPhone - An infographic by the team at Spymaster Pro To Share this Infographics on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below </p> <p><img src="" width="540"></p> <p>How to find lost iPhone - An infographic by the team at <a href="">Spymaster...

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How Can I Spy On A Samsung Galaxy Phone?

It is evident that the Samsung, a South Korean enterprise is apparently one of the colossal and preeminent Android Smartphones OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). And this is the reason that lately I’ve been receiving loads of queries on “How can I spy on a Samsung...

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How To Spy On Text Messages Online?

According to a recent survey - Billions of text messages are being sent every day by all the smartphone users. The use of the text messaging service has drastically changed the deportment of all the smartphone possessors. Because they are always been tapping their phones,...

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Dodge Your Sender With The New WhatsApp Plus Tricks!

Till date, you cannot find any instant messaging app better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp PLUS is the parallel and the best alternative to WhatsApp. Both the wonders of messaging apps- WhatsApp and that of the WhatsApp Plus have a slightest yet important difference between each other....

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WhatsApp Increase Group Chat Limit!!

For all people having different big friend circles, here is a great news for you, from WhatsApp! The group chats can be just double the present number. Yes, you can now increase the present limits of your nexus from 15 to that of the 50...

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WhatsApp Updated The Android App, By Default End-To-End Encryption

Great news for all the love birds! Lastly they find some space for themselves to have endless talks without any hindrance. The popular cross-platform mobile app- WhatsApp Messenger have granted them some online privacy across the world by establishing a default aspect of end-to-end encryption...

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Snapping A Selfie: A Trend Or A Threat?

Selfies- A short-form for Self Portrait photographs. Selfies have created upsurge in the world of new media, Social Networking Sites. Every second person has started posting their self pictures on social medias. The latter is the most famous and latest genre of the photo as...

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I Want To Have All My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Forward To My Phone

The power of Smartphones has captivated human life to such an extent where our every single move is recorded in our cell phones. Be it calling, texting, chatting or listening music and watching videos, almost everyone uses Smartphones to get things done instantly. However, in...

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