Employee Monitoring Software

Employee's daily activity is what drives a company. But fraudulent activities by employees may bring a lot of shame and disrepute to a company. Hence, it only makes sense to always be on guard against any such occurrence. A constant vigil and monitoring are needed.

But continuously tracking all the employees can be a tiring task, even for the most efficient manager. There is the daily work that you do and the projects you need to manage. You can execute the performance-based incentives to shield the office against inefficiency.

It is still tough to cover all the leaks of information and productivity at the worker's end. To get exact details on this information and productivity losses, you should consider using Employee monitoring software. The features provided will be of immense value to you.

Some of these features are:-

  • Instant messaging tracking
  • Multimedia files tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • GPS location tracking

Track Employees every activity with World's best Spy Software

Employees Monitoring Software

How to Monitor Your Employee's Mobile Activities?

Earlier, offices did not face the presence of smart-phones. While it could be helpful to always stay connected with your employees and you can still engage in some productive activity or conversations.

But You can't be sure if they are busy with their work as they claim to be and you can't confiscate their mobiles as well. So, what to do then? After all, you do need to keep a tab on their movements, daily activity, and wasteful activities during working hours.

Using employee monitoring software can be incredibly beneficial to cover all these points. You will able to monitor employee internet usage, GPS location, social media, screen monitoring and more. No more will you be in constant doubt on their work and time away on field or client visits.

Employee Screen Monitoring

Use a cell phone monitoring software to push employee productivity and stop data leakage 

Push Employee productivity and stop data leakage

Maintaining employee productivity levels and avoiding sensitive company data of the company are some of the most significant responsibilities of an office manager. But mobiles can be a double-edged sword in this regard for every company. 

The mobiles can get used to doing work and sharing work files, especially to workers who mostly remain off-site. On the other hand, employees could be wasting time on personal chats and using social media sites or the Internet, which is a big distraction.

Companies have started using various versions of employee monitoring software. It has become an essential practice in companies to install the monitoring software on their employees. This way, the employees stay alert, knowing they are getting monitored. Non-productive work will get stopped.

  • Easiest to install and use
  • Track employee's mobile activity remotely

Why do companies think Spymaster Pro is best?

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The employees always looked busy But productivity just wasn't there. Using Spymaster Pro gave me the tools to get to the root of all of the problems.

Spymaster Pro Features For Cell Phone Monitoring

Track Social Media

  • Monitor their Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook activities
  • Get all their online chats directly in the dashboard

Track Phone

  • Let you track user's activities
  • Let's you take screen-shots of the mobile screen
  • See the mobile screen on a real-time basis

Track Multimedia

  • Get live screen-shots of them taking photos and videos
  • Track the contacts they share these pictures with frequently
  • Direct access to their Photo Album

Track Location

  • Track their live GPS location
  • Quick info on the target device's location
  • Time and date map of all the visits

Instant Alerts

  • Intrusion Alert on any suspect hacker
  • Geo-Fencing in case they venture into a dangerous area
  • Profanity or unsuitable website alert

Track Web Browsers

  • Track any web browser they operate
  • Live screen-shots of their online activities
  • Alert of any unsuitable website opened

The Monitoring Steps

When you're ready to start monitoring your child or employee's smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy is very easy to set up.

Purchase Software

Go to the home page of Spymaster Pro and select the Buy Now button at the top right corner of the page. You can select your price plan out of the three options given and agree to the terms and conditions. Then make the payment and check your mail inbox.

Access Software

After you have made the payment, go through your confirmation mail for further instructions there. There will be a download link to install on your target Android device. You can target iPhone devices with iCloud information only.

View Dashboard

You can now view all the activities of your kids on the dashboard, which you access with the email id and the password you receive in the confirmation mail. All the entries will be recorded in the dashboard and divided under different categories.