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The Best Android Parental Control Apps

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If you are past fretting about the weaning and fussy eating stages of your kid, another major worry lies ahead of you. As your kid grows up and has access to modern-day technologies, they will be more prone to numerous dangers and threats. Every kid these days owns a cell phone, and this little device … Continue reading “The Best Android Parental Control Apps”

16-Year-Old Dies from Fentanyl Overdose – Should Parents Be Worried?

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Did you know social media apps are the number one platform that predators use to trap innocent children? A recent proof of this is the death of a 16-year-old Los Angeles boy from a fentanyl overdose. As per the reports, the kid came across the drug dealer on Snapchat – one of the most used … Continue reading “16-Year-Old Dies from Fentanyl Overdose – Should Parents Be Worried?”

How to Check Deleted YouTube History?

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Be it funny videos, muck banks, or cartoons, YouTube is one such platform that offers all for free. This social media site serves kids the best to keep them occupied and entertained. It also provides educational videos through which your kid can learn and develop creativity over time. While all of this comes across as … Continue reading “How to Check Deleted YouTube History?”

How to Restrict App Installation in Android?

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Do you find your kids browsing multiple apps on their cell phones? Are these applications totally foreign to you? Do they make you worry about the safety of your kid? Digital interruptions are all over the place, and despite your worry, kids tend to use them a lot. You can find them swiping their phone … Continue reading “How to Restrict App Installation in Android?”

Keep Your Kids Safe on Netflix – A Parental Control Guide

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Did you know, as per an advocacy group, some popular streaming services can be unsafe for kids? The technological improvements have led to the replacement of regular television with popular streaming services. Now, you can find kids across the country accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming platforms on a … Continue reading “Keep Your Kids Safe on Netflix – A Parental Control Guide”

Is FB Messenger Safe for Kids?

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Did you know as many as 2 billion people use FB messenger for chatting with one another? Has your kid outgrown toy smartphones and is ready to enter the internet world? As a parent, you may probably know about Facebook – the most widely used social media application for people of all ages. While teens … Continue reading “Is FB Messenger Safe for Kids?”

Internet Child Pornography Rates Spike! Here’s How Spymaster Pro Can Help.

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Did you know that the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reviews over 25 million images annually that may come under illicit trade of child sexual abuse? This is over 480,769 images weekly. Child pornography, the legal term for child sexual abuse material, can be any content that portrays sexually explicit activities that involve … Continue reading “Internet Child Pornography Rates Spike! Here’s How Spymaster Pro Can Help.”

I Used Spymaster Pro to Monitor My Son, and I Am Glad I Did!

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Hi, I am Nicole. As a parent of a 14-year old, I have learned over the years that my kid is not just prone to threats in the physical environment, but he is equally vulnerable to risks in the virtual world. So, I never wanted to get my son a smartphone at such an early … Continue reading “I Used Spymaster Pro to Monitor My Son, and I Am Glad I Did!”

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