GPS Location Tracking

GPS Phone Tracker App

Location Points

Spymaster Pro is the perfect GPS phone tracker App that can help you to track the exact point of location of the target cell phone. In this way, you get to see the places he/she visits at a particular time of day. The user can :-

  • View the location point.
  • Get route directions to that location.

Why you require it?

This feature of Spymaster Pro is a lifesaver, especially in instances where your teenager has not been able to contact you, and you want to know where the child is. Also this mobile location tracker app helps you to keep an eye on your employees, notably when you know that they sneak out during office hours. Therefore if you’ve got Spymaster Pro installed on the cell phones you wish to track, then you can easily know about their GPS location using this feature!

Check The Location

Spymaster Pro marks all the locations of the monitored cell phone on a map, that makes it easy for you understand a particular venue, without getting confused. All the places get accurately pinned on the map.The user can :-

  • See the precise information of the location.
  • See the time and date details.

Why you require it?

Don’t get fooled with the constant lies about your spouse’s location ! No longer put your company at loss by thinking that your on field workers are not faking all those miles. Avail the benefit by using gps cell phone tracker app to inspect all the places they visit.

Price starts from $4.99 only/ month