Track A Cell Phone Location Online

Spymaster Pro brings you its GPS Phone Tracker app and gives you the ability to track a cell phone location online. The company keeps updating its GPS location tracker software to stay updated with the latest software updates of Android and iOS for the best experience.

With Spymaster Pro you can:-

  • Track Real-time GPS location
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Devices
  • Location details
  • Remote monitoring
  • Stay hidden on the target mobile
  • Information of the duration of their stay at the location
  • Pattern of their movement
  • 24/7 customer care support

Track A Phone Location Remotely

Monitor your Kid's GPS location in real time with Spymaster pro.


Why monitor someone's GPS location?

Monitoring the GPS location has become necessary for sometimes. With our trusted mobile monitoring software, you get features to track anyone's GPS location in real-time remotely. With a real-time GPS tracking app, you can track your kid when he left the school, and you can track elder age family members, your spouse, employees, and more.

  • Monitor any dangerous outdoor activity by your kids
  • Geo-fencing notifications will tell you if they leave the safe area marked for them
  • You will know if your wife keeps going to a location 
  • Our GPS location tracker will ensure that you stay updated on your partner's site all the time.
  • You will get all the details remotely and without raising any notification on the target mobile.
  • Get a report on their locations with 30 days backup
Spymaster Pro child

Use the GPS tracking feature to Track your employees all the time and avoid employee productivity from falling

Spymaster Pro child

There are a lot of pressures in managing a workplace nowadays. The head of the organization has to see his work and oversee the tasks of those working for him. This responsibility is not an easy job, to say the least, and it is much recommended to use a GPS tracker app to track a cell phone location online to stay updated on everyone's location.  

  • Track employee's real-time location
  • 24*7 GPS tracking
  • View the places they visited
  • Get a pattern of their locations every day
  • Get a report of their locations with 30 days back up

Why is Spymaster Pro GPS Tracking the best for you?

Five Star Rating

I was a worried single father with two daughters. Spymaster Pro GPS tracker helped me to keep a close eye on their locations behind my back.

Spymaster Pro Features For Cell Phone Monitoring

Track Social Media

  • Monitor their Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook activities
  • Get all their online chats directly in the dashboard

Track Phone

  • Let you track user's activities
  • Let's you take screen-shots of the mobile screen
  • See the mobile screen on a real-time basis

Track Multimedia

  • Get live screen-shots of them taking photos and videos
  • Track the contacts they share these pictures with frequently
  • Direct access to their Photo Album

Track Location

  • Track their live GPS location
  • Quick info on the target device's location
  • Time and date map of all the visits

Instant Alerts

  • Intrusion Alert on any suspect hacker
  • Geo-Fencing in case they venture into a dangerous area
  • Profanity or unsuitable website alert

Track Web Browsers

  • Track any web browser they operate
  • Live screen-shots of their online activities
  • Alert of any unsuitable website opened

The Monitoring Steps

When you're ready to start monitoring your child or employee's smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy is very easy to set up.

Purchase Software

Go to the home page of Spymaster Pro and select the Buy Now button at the top right corner of the page. You can select your price plan out of the three options given and agree to the terms and conditions. Then make the payment and check your mail inbox.

Access Software

After you have made the payment, go through your confirmation mail for further instructions there. There will be a download link to install on your target Android device. You can target iPhone devices with iCloud information only.

View Dashboard

You can now view all the activities of your kids on the dashboard, which you access with the email id and the password you receive in the confirmation mail. All the entries will be recorded in the dashboard and divided under different categories.