Refund Policy

According to Spymaster Pro LTD Refund Policy, if following conditions are met, then a user is entitled of receiving a full refund within 10 days of purchase, only if the reasons differ with the conditions mentioned in the Refund Policy. Please go through the following conditions:

A user won’t be eligible to get refund after 10 days of the purchase of software. All claims have to be made and settled within the Refund period, i.e 10 days of the purchase of Spymaster Pro LTD.

Refund will be initiated only once. If a user is found to have bought another Spymaster Pro LTD license and thus claiming another refund, the request will be denied.

The customer won’t be eligible to any refund, especially if the software undergoes an upgrade and the software is not updated in the target phone. This would be considered the customer’s fault.

Spymaster Pro LTD would not process any refund request for the given conditions:

  • If the target cell phone does not have an active internet connection, or no connection at all due to any possible reason.
  • If the target cell phone user changes the Network provider, thus interrupting the internet connectivity and resulting in data loss.
  • Possible updation of the target cell phone’s operating system.
  • Restoration of Factory settings on the target phone.
  • Improper installation of software by the customer.
  • Unavailability of target phone by the customer.
  • Personal reasons stating the customer wants a refund back simply because they bought it by mistake etc.
  • iPhone subscriptions will not be considered for refund, until you fulfill the conditions mentioned on FAQ page.
  • No refund will be issued to a user in case the account of the user gets expired.

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