WhatsApp Location Tracker: How to track location of WhatsApp number?

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps that connects people all over the world. But every technology has its shortcomings. Parents are often concerned about their child’s safety and want to know how to track the location of children on WhatsApp. Recent data showcases there is a huge spike in the number of users of WhatsApp, especially among children. So, parents must ensure their child’s safety.

The legality of tracking someone’s WhatsApp location

Legal implications of tracking someone’s WhatsApp location can vary depending on jurisdiction and location. Generally, it is legal to track someone’s location as long as it is done for a legitimate reason. For instance, if child safety is involved it is absolutely legal.

Note: This depends on the law of the particular state. If the law is not permitting to track, it must not be done. In most of cases, a certain age is decided over which consent might be required to track someone’s location.

Where are They Now? Tracking Whatsapp Location

Now there are some methods that can be followed to track the locations of WhatsApp numbers. The methods are as follows:

1. Use WhatsApp Live Location Feature

Use WhatsApp Live Location Feature

This inbuilt feature in WhatsApp aids in knowing the real-time location of your loved ones for a specific period of time. Furthermore, this feature has encryption in it which depicts that the location will be only known to the people who are meant to see it. Before sharing the location the user must enable location permissions for WhatsApp in your smartphone settings. It can be done for individual chats as well as group chats. All you need to do is tap the attachment icon and select Share Live location. Post that users need to set a time for the duration of WhatsApp location sharing.

Note: Location could be disabled at any time.

2. Utilize Parental Control Apps

Utilize Parental Control Apps

Parental control apps like Spymaster Pro can help you find the child’s physical location or even tell you when they are not at their school during school time. Spymaster Pro is an exceptional app that is user-friendly that can monitor a child’s location 24*7. This app is very well designed to cater to all the needs of concerned parents. They just have to install this app and from the control panel of the app, they can easily track the location of their loved ones. Just install it on any device and be relaxed. Apart from this, there is also provision to get the report and pattern of the locations which could illustrate more clarity regarding the child’s behaviour.

3. Use command prompt and other tools

Use command prompt and other tools

This method is a bit technical. You can use certain commands like netstat -an then add the WhatsApp username and phone number of the person to know their IP address. Then using the IP tracker, the person’s location could be known. Some other hacking tools are also available but technical knowledge is required for them. Most of the technologies that are used today store location on the cloud which could be utilised accordingly.

Overall, the above methods could be very useful and can track the location. Though other methods are useful, still using a convenient parental control app could be the best one.