Spymaster Pro Installation Guide for android without Rooting and Jailbreak

Welcome to spymaster pro, the one-stop spy app to track an android device around the globe. Now came up with more advanced features to spy on an android device without any rooting.

It means, now you can install the spymaster pro spy app on any android device without rooting to the target phone. Rooting an android device is the same as jail-breaking to an iPhone. It’s simply the process of unlocking your operating system and giving permission to unapproved apps to install on your android devices with permission.

How to Monitor an Android Smartphone with Spymaster Po

Spymaster Pro has now become more convenient and advanced in order to track an android device. You can now track any android device with the new spymasterpro android app without rooting to the target phone. We’ve compiled a list of new ways to track an android device including calls, messages, photos, live GPS tracking along WhatsApp tracking features without rooting the phone. In this way, you easily install the app on any android device and track another person from anywhere you’re using your computer and smartphone.

Even, on a smartphone, you don’t require any login details to track another person, perhaps, if you’re tracking from your laptop or computer you can use the logins received while purchasing.

So, Before you install the APK file (application) on the target device follow these Instructions.

It’s almost as simple as using the downloading an email link to and installing the software. You don’t have to struggle with complicated instruction or risk “losing” your device. If you have any issues, you can email support@spymasterpro.com at any moment.

First of all, as you made a purchase to spymasterpro child control app, you’ll receive an email including your username, password, and registration code along with a download link to the child control app like mentioned below:

Step 1

You need to download the spymaster pro APK to your android device.

Step 2

As you download the child app, now, you need to install the APK file of the “Spymaster pro” from the file manager to proceed further.

Step 3

Click to install the ChildControl

Step 4

Now, you will get to see a screen of usage access

Step 5

Tap on Child Control & permit the user access.

Step 6

Now go back to the Accessibility settings and go to ChildControl, turn on the button beside “Use service.

Step 7

Open the ChildControl in your phone and put device ID to connect which you’ve received on your email after purchasing.

Step 8

Once the device is connected with the App, you need to give permission to run.

Step 9

After that press to allow running app in the background

Step 10

After that check the section of Notification Access and press switch on ChildControl notification. Then you have to grant notification access to the App to stay updated!

Step 11

At the end fill up the login details which you have received on mail

Step 12

Henceforth, log in to the Spymaster Pro Web app, and select Android from the dropdown menu to track everything in detail.

Step 13

Wait! Need to be patient! And wait for 1 and 2hour for the data to be transferred to the webserver, so you can see everything in detail.

Step 14

Here is an example of what the dashboard looks like after you log in to your web browser.

Step 15

Next and final step, log in to the target phone & check all the activities step by step.

Step 16

If you still have any issues, queries, and concerns regarding installing the app, you can directly emailsupport@spymasterpro.com at any moment.

Note: Please be patient after installing the apk on your Target smartphone; the entire procedure will take an hour and a half to update the data on the server after uploaded data you can see all the activities on your targeted phone; after that, if you have any questions, you can contact the support team via email.

From the cell phone’s menu, go to the “Settings” options. Then from the menu, go to the “Security” option, and click “Unknown sources”. Don’t forget to enable the “Unknown sources” option as shown below, else the software won’t be installed properly.Once installation is done, you can leave the target phone and Login to your spymaster account from any device. Now there is no need to touch the target phone. See everything remotely.

Click here to login Login Here


FAQ About Android Installation

  How much time will be taken by this installation process ?

The software gets installed in the target phone in just 5 minutes or less.


  Do I need to connect the target Android phone with a PC while installation?

No, you don’t need to connect the target Android phone with a PC for installation.


  Does Spymaster Pro depend on internet for passing on the information?

Yes, Spymaster Pro needs an internet connection on the host phone in order to pass on the information to your dashboard.


  Does installation process needs internet as well?

The Android phone needs internet so that the email could be accessed and .apk file could be downloaded.


  Does installation process of Spymaster Pro need a SIM?

No, the only requirement while the installation process of Spymaster Pro is an internet connection.