Cell Phone Monitoring App For Parents

To any parent who is worried about their child's cell phone activities, you can rest easy with the solutions offered by Spymaster Pro. It has the distinction of being the most advanced and trustworthy spy software in the market to spy on an Android and iPhone device.

You will find a host of such software's in the market advertising all their features. They fall quite short of the innovation Spymaster Pro has to offer when it comes to Child Cell Phone Monitoring. With attention to every customer demands it continues to fine-tune its service to meet customer's expectations and tops it with a customer service that doesn't stop until we have your smile.

The easy to understand process will get you started within a few minutes, without any hassle and technical know how. Take a look at some of the key features:-

  • Instant Messaging
  • Sent and Received Pictures and Videos
  • Target's location map
  • Listening to Calls
  • Social Media Screen-shots

Cell Phone Monitoring

Software that looks after your kids and what they do


How to Monitor Your Kid's Mobile Activities?

Most parents are forced to provide their kids with the latest smart-phones. Everyone has one, is their logic and you can't help but concede to their demand for one. On one hand, it is reassuring to know that you can get a hold of them anytime you want it also causes a new set of problems.

You can never be sure whether they will be using the device for intended reasons. They can lie about their location, their activities and hide all the troublesome activities they are engaging in their mobiles.

Such a tool can be a valuable asset for any parent. You can keep a close eye in every single activity on your dear child's mobile and not be in the dark about their daily life.

Spymaster Pro child

Aware Parents Use Cell Phone Monitoring To Keep The Kids Focus On What Matters & Protect Reputation

Spymaster Pro child

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a term heard quite often when talking about modern day kids. The misconception often remains that they can't focus on anything.

That is just not true, the fact remains that they can focus but rather on gadgets and the instant gratification it offers. The focus needs to be build to activities that help them too, rather just entertain in the long run.

Parents all around the world use mobile spy software's to limit their cell phone usage and also steer them away from unsuitable websites. You will be able to tell when they will have crossed their limits on gaming and social media. This will allow you to set hours for everything and put discipline in their life.

  • Monitor cell phone activity from any browser
  • Easy to use and Easy to Install

Why Parents Think SpymasterPro is Best

Five Star Rating

It is not easy being a single father to two kids. I am thankful to Spymaster Pro for giving me the tools to keep my kids safe and sound.!

Spymaster Pro Features For Cell Phone Monitoring

Track Social Media

  • Monitor their Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook activities
  • Get all their online chats directly in the dashboard

Track Phone

  • Let you track user's activities
  • Let's you take screen-shots of the mobile screen
  • See the mobile screen on a real-time basis

Track Multimedia

  • Get live screen-shots of them taking photos and videos
  • Track the contacts they share these pictures with frequently
  • Direct access to their Photo Album

Track Location

  • Track their live GPS location
  • Quick info on the target device's location
  • Time and date map of all the visits

Instant Alerts

  • Intrusion Alert on any suspect hacker
  • Geo-Fencing in case they venture into a dangerous area
  • Profanity or unsuitable website alert

Track Web Browsers

  • Track any web browser they operate
  • Live screen-shots of their online activities
  • Alert of any unsuitable website opened

The Monitoring Steps

When you're ready to start monitoring your child or employee's smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy is very easy to set up.

Purchase Software

Go to the home page of Spymaster Pro and select the Buy Now button at the top right corner of the page. You can select your price plan out of the three options given and agree to the terms and conditions. Then make the payment and check your mail inbox.

Access Software

After you have made the payment, go through your confirmation mail for further instructions there. There will be a download link to install on your target Android device. You can target iPhone devices with iCloud information only.

View Dashboard

You can now view all the activities of your kids on the dashboard, which you access with the email id and the password you receive in the confirmation mail. All the entries will be recorded in the dashboard and divided under different categories.