Don’t Text And Drive! It can wait..

May 27, 2014 | 5635 Views

There’s no point in showing you stodgy stats about how many texts people send in a day, or  what is the count of text messages that kids or teens send in a day. We all know that it’s quite a huge amount! Since texting has become one of the most used and preferred mode of communication, it is almost deniable that people don’t send over 100 text messages per day. What catches our attention is that more and more people have started replacing calls with SMS’s, especially while driving. If you know that your child is addicted to sending SMS’s and you doubt that they might be doing so while driving as well, then you should better read this post.

Teens and smartphone are quite a deadly combo. In fact, more than any other age group, teens are the most distracted ones! Which is why you should make sure that your routinely parenting & monitoring drill should be enough for them. As a parent you obviously won’t ignore the accidents and other dangers which are involved with texting, especially while driving. If you think about your teen’s texting adds to his/her reckless driving, then you should opt for an app which does an all round monitoring of the cell phone.

With Spymaster Pro SMS Spy App, you can keep a close eye on your child’s text messages. This app is extensively helpful, because you can cross-check your child’s SMS time and GPS location to see whether he/she was texting while driving or not. How is that possible? This is possible because the app does more than just SMS tracking. Following are the features which you can benefit apart from text message monitoring:

    • Live GPS Location + Location History
    • Email tracking
    • SMS Tracking
    • Instant Messenger Tracking
    • Call Tracking
    • Contacts list
    • Web history

Why You Should Check Their Text Messages?

There are so many reasons why you should be checking their text messages. Texting can mislead your kids in a number of ways, for e.g. they could leak an important information of your house unknowingly to a stranger. They could be texting all kinds of information to others, even when it’s not necessary. Perhaps, they might be bullied by somebody, or they might think that they’re too cool to manage it all (read Texting and Driving!). You know how teens and kids are, so it makes more sense to monitor your child.

dangers of texting and driving

Once you opt for monitoring their SMS’s, with all the information that you will get through a SMS spy app you will be able to stay updated with their SMS details, IM chats and other activities. No matter how beneficial text messages could be, you have to be wary about the dangers involved with it. When it comes to your kids and texts, you should be super cautious just to avoid any kind of issues later on. Moreover with this app you can monitor the chats and GPS location in real time, which will help you figure out whether your kids where texting and driving at the same time!