Cell Phone Spy

Spy on Cell Phone using Spymaster Pro


Spymaster Pro is very powerful spy software  that allows you to track every information of the target phone either its android or iOS. It gives you 100% relevant data without touching the phone.  You can access everything remotely, sitting at the comfort of your home.  Just get the software and start checking whatsapp chats, facebook messages, call logs, photos and many more on a single click.

Spymaster Pro comes with variety of features

Call Tracking

Check the calls that your child, employee or your spouse have made or from which numbers they have received the calls, moreover you can also see numbers of dialed or received calls from each number at any particular date range. You can also check duration of each call and person’s name in the report if that cell number is saved in user phone book memory.

SMS Tracking

Keep a track on sms’s that are being send/received .All the messages are stored in spymaster Pro account so no matter If the persons has the habit of deleting the sms’s you will still have the record to those messages in your account.

GPS Location Tracking

Now with the help of Google maps you can track exact location of the phone .Just login to the account and check if you child is studying in library or partying with his friends .All the information are sent the server in real time.

Email Tracking

Spymaster Pro creates logs for incoming and outgoing mails so you check what information is he receiving or sending through mails .All the mail records are stored in Spymaster Pro account.

Phone Book Access

With Spymaster Pro you can check which numbers are being stored in his phone book.

Url Tracking

All the Websites that user visits are also recorded with our Spymaster Pro Software .Every detail of the URL is stored in Spymaster Pro account.

Photo Tracking

Spymaster Pro keeps a track on the photos that are being sent/received on the phone .Every photo detail is stored In Spymaster Pro account.

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Whatsapp Tracking

Through the help of Spymaster Pro You can read whole conversation threads of your teens or your cheating spouse. It will also track shared photos with their date and time.

Viber Tracking

Spymaster Pro Track viber chat logs, user call, send and recived photos with their date and time . It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Facebook Messenger Tracking

Spymaster Pro allow you to track all record Facebook chat conversations remotely with their exact time and date.

Get Spymaster Pro iPhone for $9.99 only/ month