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Convenience has become the hallmark of the times that we live in currently. Nothing symbolizes it more than text messages and their popularity that refuses to disappear.

It is known popularly as SMS (Short Message Service) and has grown over the years to include Multimedia Message Service (MMS).

Text messages are now used for marketing and promotional activities by companies, organizations, charities, etc. to spread information quickly.

But people also use text messages to lie and cheat on their loved ones. The distraction mobile offers have made the SMS spy app a practical necessity.

How To Read Text Messages With Hidden SMS Tracker?

A hidden SMS tracker gets much needed for any person who wishes to get the truth. People communicate more by messages than they do by phone calls and meeting face to face.

Spy apps can get used to monitor

– Kids

– Employees

– Spouse

– Family member

A spy app is a mobile monitoring software that secretly monitors and obtains information from the target mobile. The app can help you record relevant data like:-

– Phone calls

– Text messages

– Sensitive information

Different spy apps have different mechanisms and terminology they work with to get results.

Track Text Messages With Hidden SMS Tracker – Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is the leading SMS spy app in the market. It has functioned in the market for over 7 years now and continues to serve people around the world in 10 languages.

The software has gotten designed to be compatible with the latest iOS 14 and Android 11.

The installation process to download Spymaster Pro is straightforward and accessible even to people without technical knowledge.

SMS Tracker For Android

SMS Tracker For Android

There are a few steps to download the hidden SMS tracker:-

– Before buying the software, remember to enable Unknown Sources in the security option.

– Get the Spymaster pro apk file from the website to install on the target mobile.

– You will need the target cellular for 5 minutes to download the Spymaster Pro SMS app.

– You need to agree to the system permissions process request.

– Accept terms and conditions.

– You will get the option of hiding the app icon or not.

SMS Tracker For iPhone

Spy On iOS Without Jailbreak

iPhone has even more accessible access to Spymaster Pro SMS app:-

– You only need iCloud credentials to get data from the target mobile.

– iCloud backup needs to get enabled on the target phone you want to monitor.

Advantages of Using SMS Spy App

A trusted SMS spy app like Spymaster Pro has several advantages for a person in need like:-

– Track the mobile’s secret conversations.

– Keep loved ones safe with real-time tracking.

– Keep employee’s productivity in check.

– Get the content and contact details of the target mobile.

– Protect crucial data in those messages with 30 days backup.

– Use it as an excellent parental control app.

– Keep peace of mind by staying updated.


Text messages continue to soar in popularity. This fact is actual despite the ever-increasing of social media and instant messaging apps. As such, it makes practical sense to use an SMS spy app on the target mobile to get to the truth. Not just that, you can keep the data safe and get real-time monitoring of your kids, employee, spouse, etc.

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