The Best Android Parental Control Apps

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If you are past fretting about the weaning and fussy eating stages of your kid, another major worry lies ahead of you. As your kid grows up and has access to modern-day technologies, they will be more prone to numerous dangers and threats.

Every kid these days owns a cell phone, and this little device has 24/7 access to the internet. While it is of great help to keep tabs on kids when they are out, it is also home to online criminals and scammers. In such a case, a parental control app is the need of the hour.

This blog post deals with all you must know about these parental control apps. By the end of the post, we will also introduce you to the best Android parental control app you can get your hand on to keep your kids safe online. Let us get started.

What Is a Parental Control App?

A parental control app is a modern-day application that can help you monitor your children secretly by keeping track of their cell phone activities. It can also help you know about their GPS location and has numerous other features.

The Need to Use a Parental Control App

Need to Use a Parental Control App

If your kid has access to a cell phone, it means they can use the internet. Cyberbullies and online predators are always lurking here and are always finding their next target. If you are not careful and leave your kids unsupervised, this next target may be them. Here is why you need to worry about online threats and start using child cell phone monitoring software now:

  • Online predators can be anywhere, ranging from online games to social apps. They can easily lure your kid by offering them gifts, and all of this eventually ends up in online harassment.
  • Criminals online may trick your kid into meeting them alone. If the kid falls into the trap, this can be really dangerous for them.
  • If your child shares personal details or pictures online and posts some things wrong, they may face internet trolling. If it is extreme, it may affect them adversely.

All in all, most criminals on the internet only have bad motives in their minds when it comes to your kids. And since they are naïve enough to believe them, they can become their next target for anything ranging from sexual harassment to making some quick money. Whatever may be the case, your kid is the one who will be harmed here, and a parental control app can help avoid this.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Using an Android Parental Control App

Need to Use a Parental Control App

Clearly, an Android parental control app is an absolute necessity in the digital world. Although there are still some arguments about its use, having one surely helps to keep you informed about your kid’s safety. Further, in times when online child crimes are on the rise, a spy app is an ideal way to monitor your children secretly.

While child cell phone monitoring is advantageous, such apps have been in a bad light due to some reasons. There are parents who believe using a parental control app is invading their kid’s privacy. On the other hand, some reasons for the disadvantages of parental controls and nothing but misconceptions.

Below, you will find all the pros and cons associated with parental control apps that will help you decide if you need them or not. Have a look, and decide for yourself:


Protection from Online PredatorsIf you feel that your kid is harassed online, a parental control app is a perfect way to find out the truth.

  • Real-time Location Tracking

Parental control apps also offer GPS tracking as their primary feature. With it, you can know where your kids are 24/7.

  • Protection from Inappropriate Content

Be it porn sites or online games depicting violence and the use of drugs, you can block everything using a parental control app.

  • The Much-Needed Peace of Mind

Apart from letting you monitor your kids remotely and secretly, parental control software will give you that much-needed peace of mind. Wherever you are, you will know your child is safe and sound.


  • Privacy Invasion

Some people are of the belief that the child may feel violated by the fact that you keep a tab on their cell phone activities.

  • Legal Disadvantages

In some counties, it is legal to spy on your kids under 18 without consent. In others, it is not. For this, you will have to refer to the government rules in your area.

  • Lack of Trust

While in a relationship, cell phone monitoring may show a lack of trust (if something as serious as cheating is not involved), we think it is not the same for kids. However, some individuals do not have the same belief.

Spymaster Pro – The Best Parental Control App

If you need the best parental control app for Android, Spymaster Pro is the solution. You can easily keep your kids from going on the wrong track with this top-rated spy app. Here is what you do using it:

  • Social Media Monitoring

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social app; this parental control app can help you monitor all.

  • Sensitive Information Alert

You can also set up alerts on specific keywords and get notified whenever your kid uses any of them.

  • Track SMS and Call Logs

Spymaster Pro can also help you listen to calls and know if your kids are keeping a secret from you by monitoring their text messages.

To Sum Up

Apart from these Spymaster Pro features, the spy app also offers numerous other features like GPS location tracking, email tracking, web browser history tracking, and a lot more. What are you waiting for? Get the best parental control app now, and make sure your kids are safe both in the real and virtual world.