A Complete Guide to Buy a Parental Control App in 2020

Times have changed, and so has relationships. Mobiles and technology have eroded trust in each other to a considerable degree. Hectic schedules ensure that kids stay away from their families for most of the day.

As a result, criminals, scammers, and sexual predators now don't have to work hard to catch a target. They can just stay online and get their fundamental goals. There are numerous reports about sexual predators and hackers trapping kids via the lure of a huge prize or rewards in video games. 

Understanding Parental Control

Parental control software is a modern-day tool that every parent needs to have any semblance of calm by staying updated activities of their children. The helpful things about these software solutions are their availability at a different price point for every pocket.

There are some excellent reasons for a parent of today to keep an iPhone or Android parental control app handy. So as not to be caught unsurprised when someone tries to take advantage of their dear sons and daughters.

Also, all the great things the Internet has to offer for everyone and especially a growing up kid in today's environment, there is the other side. Scammers, sexual predators, hackers, and so many harmful elements wish to take advantage of the lack of maturity in kids to earn a quick buck online. 

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Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

Technology, mainly in the shape of mobiles, is affecting our lives to an extreme degree. Kids are one of the most affected age groups and showing signs of addiction to technology with falling playtime in the open.

Let's run through a few of the main effects that hurt kids:-

  • Slows the brain's thinking
  • Due to kids spending such a significant amount of time on the mobile screen, the adverse impact has fallen on their play and exercise time. They do not get enough exercise, and thus it hurts their development.

    Outdoor and playing activities are very integral to a child's overall development. They encourage positive behavior, team building, power solving, and bonding in relationships. The absence will have a negative impact.

  • Mental health issues
  • Sleep-time is one often repeated effect among the adverse effects of technology on kids primarily because of their age. Kids are in their growing up years and are easy to fall to mobile addiction that can reduce their sleeping time.

    Kids need their sleep time more than adults do. This fact makes for a great reason to use parental control software to keep an eye on their mobile use. Otherwise, they can experience detrimental impact and experience depression, increased stress, irritation, etc.

  • Kid's security and privacy
  • Technology, when used correctly, is your best friend. But when you end up using it wrong even one bit, it can turn to be your worst enemy that is hard to get rid of nowadays. In the age of 24*7 connectivity, cybersecurity has gained widespread application.

    Figures are worrying. 2016 data by the National Crime Prevention Council of the U.S.A puts the number of teenagers who were the victim of cyberbullying at 43%. To stay updated, if your kid is under attack, then parental control apps for the phone are a suggestion.

  • Social skills
  • Excessive use of technology has created a generation with a high lack of social skills. There are multiple ways of communicating online, but it ends up replacing real-life communication and can create a situation of isolation for kids.

    You can have hundreds of online friends, but unless you meet face to face, the connection remains shallow for the most. Humans need the human touch to have social skills and holistic development. In the absence of it, the kid's growth will suffer much.

  • Education
  • While it is generally true that the Internet has become an enormous source of learning that has to enable knowledge and awareness in people of all age groups. It has enabled quick dissemination of information among a large group of people quickly.

    Yet the same issue has also created an enormous problem where rampant plagiarism and cheating have increased, and critical thinking has suffered. Not only many resorts to such dubious means, but they also get distracted into the rabbit hole of one-click leading to many more clicks.

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Stats: Impacts of technology use on kids 

There are various concerns in a parent's mind regarding technology. It could be an addiction to technology or online bullying. There are some statistics about the use of technology and how it has impacted kids:-

  • A 2009 U.S survey found out that around one-fourth of the teenagers use social media sites at least 10 times a day.
  • In the study, a girl GOT reported to have sent more than 2,000 messages in a day.
  • In the same survey, 50% of teenagers admitted to sending and receiving text messages while driving.
  • The impact got also indicated, with 47% of students reporting fair or poor grades after heavy use of technology.
  • In a 2014 study by the internet security firm AVG in the U.S, in the age group of 3 -5, 47% could navigate a smart-phone, but only 14% could tie a shoelace.
  • Around 19% of mothers admitted to their kids experiencing aggressive behavior in the last year of online use.
  • A 2013 U.S national survey found that less than four out of 10 children had managed to meet physical activity and screen time recommendations.
  • A 2010 Kaiser Foundation study found that elementary children, on average, got exposed to 7.5 hours of entertainment technology. 
  • The same survey found that 50% of these homes have television on throughout the day.
  • A 2017 Common Sense Media report in the U.S found that around 49% of kids used mobile the hour before sleep time, which is harmful to the sleep cycle according to experts.
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How Predators use your kid's smart-phone?

Sexual predators lurking online to harm kids is the biggest to use a parental control software app online. There are various tactics they use to lure kids and take advantage of them. It involves the use of a specific language or lines like:-

  • We should go private means that they want you in a private chat room.
  • What kind of music, movies, clothes do you like? What are your hobbies? The predator is trying to figure out the gift to lure your kid.
  • Where do you live? What is your phone number? Here the predator is trying to find out personal information about your child. 
  • I can help you get a modeling or acting job. This statement is an apparent effort at flattering from the predator's side for the child to cooperate.
  • You are the love of my life. This line is another tactic that the predator uses so that the target will assist.
  • If you don't do as I say, I will show the photos you have sent me to everyone. When nothing works, then comes the tactic of intimidation and threat that the sexual predator will use to achieve their goal.

    There are various apps that parents should get warned about as per an update from the Sheriff's office of Sarasota County:-

  • MeetMe
  • WhatsApp
  • Bumble
  • LiveMe
  • Ask.fm
  • Grindr
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Holla
  • Secret Calculator Vault (Various versions available)
  • Skout
  • Badoo
  • Kik
  • Whisper
  • Hot or Not
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How to protect your kid's smart-phone from predators?

The daily online security of your kids from such threats like predators is a must require every parent. Experts have suggested a few practical ways to ensure this:-

  • Kid-friendly tablet
  • Kids are used to spending a significant amount of time on tablets and mobiles. The issue there is the unrestricted access that the Internet provides, which can expose kids to inappropriate content not suitable to their age. What experts suggest instead are kid-friendly tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids, Verizon Gizmo Tab, LeapFrog LeapPad ultimate, etc.

  • Dumb phones
  • The biggest reason parents provide their kids mobile is to stay connected with them and keep them safe. But the use of smart-phones can be a slippery slope where they distract them from the primary purpose of using the mobile. Experts suggest using basic phones, and some people like to call dumbphones. Jitterbug clip, LG GizmoGadget, ZTE Z432, Nokia 3310, Alcatel 871A Prepaid GoPhone, etc.

  • Keep open communication
  • Although online predators and sexual exploitation of young kids is a controversial topic for parents to talk with kids. But it is essential to keeping them safe from these threats to have them be aware of being better prepared to handle these dangers. Sexual curiosity is a normal part of growing up, and before they start surfing on social media, the risks of online predators, cyberbullying, etc.

  • Gadgets in open areas
  • Experts in Child Exploitation Task Force in Charlotte, NC, had reported that most videos and photos in sextortion cases got mostly taken inside the bedroom. So, the suggestion is that kids use social media in the living room or a common area to prevent such dangerous activities.

  • Set a good example
  • Observing the examples set by adults and parents are a big part of how children learn. If the children are regularly watching their parents addicted to their mobiles, then the expectation from them to not be mobile addicted is invalid. You have made a significant effort to make out time with your family without any screens. 

  • Repeat the dangers of oversharing online
  • Kids are increasingly signing on to social media sites at a very young age. They can't handle the maturity of choosing what to choose to share and what not to share. Having a conversation about the importance of privacy and the consequences of sharing too much information about their lives online is very critical.

  • Use parental control app
  • Using parental control software is a tool that is being recommended quite often to worrying parents nowadays. These third-party parental software solutions are an effective way to restrict their screen-time, stay updated with their daily activities, block problematic sites and apps, etc. are some of the advantages of using such a solution.

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How to choose the best Parental Control Software?

Now that you have decided to use such an app, how to choose that parental control software to monitor your kids is one of the most critical decisions you will make for your kid. Considering how much mobiles are running our lives nowadays. Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind when making this decision:-

  • It should be compatible with the latest Android 10 and iOS 13.
  • You should be able to operate the spy app from any device and anytime.
  • It allows you to manage the software remotely.
  • Focused monitoring on social media platforms.
  • Allows website filtering and blocking.
  • It will enable tracking of all sorts of messages.
  • The software has the option to schedule the screen time on the target device.
  • Compatible with all the web browsers.
  • It doesn't require much technical knowledge.
  • Very easy to access.
  • Affordable options are available.
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Parental control app for Android users

The process of installing the Android parental control app follows a few simple steps. Written below are the simple steps required to install the parental app on an Android device:-

  • The first step is to purchase the software from the homepage.
  • The next step is to disable harmful app detection and scanning device for security threats. This step gets required; otherwise, the software won't install.
  • Download the apk file from the installation page on to the target mobile or the registered email you used to purchase the software.
  • You will permit systems for the final installation to begin, that will take 5 minutes.
  • Next, the software will ask a bunch of permissions you have to agree to at the end.
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Parental control app for iOS users

The installation procedure for the iPhone parental control app is, even more, more comfortable than on an Android device. Follow the few simple steps listed below:-

  • The first step is to purchase the software from the homepage.
  • You will receive a link for a website page to enter in your website space. 
  • Log in to the software with a user name and password. This step will open the dashboard in any device, and you can remotely monitor the target device.e will ask a bunch of permissions you have to agree to at the end.

Note: Always choose a app that offer iPhone without jailbreak feature.

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Advantages of Parental Control App

The usage of a parental control software or app has significant advantages. These apply not only to the parents but also to the kids who will able to stay safe and secure, which otherwise may not happen with unsupervised mobile use.

    Some of these key advantages are:-

  • You will able to block the inappropriate content circulating on the Internet from being exposed to your kids.
  • You will be able to block all the harmful apps on your children's mobile.
  • Get to monitor their SMS and instant messaging conversations details.
  • Track their daily web browsing activity to filter and block harmful websites on your young one's device.
  • Schedule their screen use and when they can't use their mobile.
  • Get regular live screen-shots from their mobile to get an instant view of their activities.
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Final Thoughts 

Kids and parent's dynamics are changing and evolving every year. In this changing relationship, kids are now more knowledgeable about technology than mobiles. They know how to navigate the parental controls, and as such a parental control software is of high practical value. This software gives you a remote and secure tracking facility on the kid's target mobile.

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