Common Queries about Mobile Spy Software

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Qns 1. How do I access my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without having her phone?
Answer: Using modern spy software, you can easily check all the WhatsApp messages of your girlfriend without even touching her phone. This trendy software allows you to access the target device remotely. This spy app offers many other exclusive features as well.

Qns 2. Hi, Please help!! I’m so scared of my girlfriend lying and backstabbing?
Answer: First of all, you are advised to talk to her personally about the matter. If you do not get any solution then you can spy on her secretly using monitoring software. Your doubt may be wrong so it is important to clear your doubts before pointing out someone.

Qns 3 . I am looking for a free untraceable app to track my husband’s call, text, internet usage, any suggestions?
Answer: Yes, there exist many apps in the market that can assist you to track your husband’s call logs, text messages, web history and much more. These all apps are very reliable that provide 100% relevant data but they are not free of cost. The apps which are free may not be honest or they may offer you some limited features in the beginning to attract you and when you will try to use its advanced features, you will be asked to buy it. So it is highly advisable to never go for free spy apps if you want to spy safely.

Qns 4. Can I track my boyfriend’s location and WhatsApp as I feel he lies to me?

Answer: If you feel that your boyfriend is lying or cheating on you, then you should definitely go for renowned spy software. Purchase this software and start tracking his WhatsApp chats whether he is in office or at home. You can check every minute information. Furthermore, using its GPS location tracker, you can easily track his location where and when he goes. It is the best way to check if he lies to you. Proving him cheater is not worth till you get married, so don’t worry, say bye and move on.

Qns 5. If I install the app on my cheater boyfriend’s phone I can see all his messages(sent or received), but can I also see the messages of his new girlfriend?
Answer: No you can only track the data of the device which you are actually targeting. You cannot see the messages of another phone until you also target that phone. Whatever phone you target, spy app will show you complete information that comes in via SMS and social media messaging apps. Further, It is not necessary to spy on another girl rumored to be with your boyfriend. You can access all her interactions with your boyfriend through his phone only.

Qns 6. From last many days, my girlfriend is being very secretive about her life. Can you help?
Answer: It actually depends upon the situation why she is very secretive. There might be a case she is suffering from some problem that she cannot share with you like bullying or other cyber tragedy. For this, you can talk to her showing him you can do anything to help her. Or if she does not tell you, the secret monitoring would be better. Check her digital status, her friend’s list, her chats, text messages she receives etc. If you really love her, you need to take some serious steps.

Qns 7. From last few days, my secret information is being disclosed to my rivals. I have a doubt on my personal assistant. How can I verify it?

Answer: See it’s very critical thing which needs to be handled carefully. You cannot accuse him/her directly. Just go for employee monitoring software that will aid you to track her cell phone information secretly without his/her knowledge. Whether s/he uses android or iPhone, the monitoring app works perfectly with both. Track her messages, call logs, WhatsApp chats, GPS locations and much more.

Qns 8. I have a doubt on my teen child that s/he is involved in some immoral activities. How to check?
Answer: A sudden change in nature at teenage is quite obvious. But this age is very sensitive so parents need to be more responsible. For this a child monitoring is a great tool. Use this tool to check your kid’s cell phone activities. Children may be suffering from cyberbullying or bullying at schools. Use its features to see what they text others, what kind of sites they visit, where they travel, who are their friends in phonebook, their photos and much more. You will get complete access to of their phone and whenever you feel something going to be wrong, you can help them.

Qns 9. My child’s performance is degrading continuously. S/he always sits quietly in his/her room and doesn’t share anything with me. What should I do?
Answer: S/he might be suffering from bullying at her school, or tuition or at other places. You need to talk to her politely by giving her examples of other children. Be frank to her. Still if you could not resolve the problem, then you can monitor her activities using child monitoring app. It will give you complete detail of her cellular activities like all her messages including deleted ones, social media messages, chats, call history and much more.

So to all your queries, problems or troubles, Spy software is the best remedy. Just buy it and sit back and relax.