Finally, a monitoring app that works the way it should.

Easy install

We provide a variety of installation options and will assist you in selecting the best option for your demands and target Android phone.

Protected data

We value your privacy and go to lengths to ensure that your personal information remains private.

The best support

We were capable of making Spymaster Pro just perform. However, if you want assistance, we are available 24x7. Anytime we with you.

Totally hidden

They won't be able to see it, hence they won't be aware that you're using the Android tracking app.

Completely confidential

We'll never reveal that you're using Spymaster Pro to anybody else. Nobody.

The best price

We are not demanding high like others. It is less than a cup coffee price a day. And you will get lots of features on that price.

A lots of Features, will get with Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is more than an app. It’s the key to the Internet. And it’s yours to help you open their digital world, find out the truth, and rest a bit easier.





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How It Work

Buy Spymaster Pro

Click on Buy Now button or Buy Now page on our Website. Submit your details. After filling the required details, proceed to checkout.

Install The Software

Download and install the software in the target phone only that you want to spy on. It will take just 5 minutes. Follow the instructions carefully, sent to you via email.

Start Monitring!

Login to your Spymaster Pro Control Panel using the login details sent to you via email. Start monitoring your near and dear ones. Protect your family and business remotely.

Why With Spymaster Pro?

The list of reasons why Spymaster Pro is the finest surveillance app on the market could go on and on. However, we'd rather let the data speak for ourselves.


Years of giving people peace of mind


Millions of happy customers


Countries supported

What Our Satisfied Customers Says About Spymaster Pro

We adore hearing how SpyMaster Pro has helped real folks uncover the truth and get a better night's sleep. Here are a few of our favorite ones.

Spymaster Pro was referred to me by my friend Charles (old customer of Spymaster). I do not believe anyone easily, but, trust me, I really liked this software. I used it to monitor my son as he was trapped in bad company and now thankfully, he is alright.

It might seem awkward but my wife was very suspicious those days. I asked her many a times but due to her ignorance, I thought of buying this spy software. Using this software, I revealed that she was bullied by someone online and couldn’t share. Then I decided to help her without letting her know and luckily I succeed. I really appreciate Spymaster Pro for their help as it works secretly.

I had a doubt on my 2 employees and I was searching internet for solution. Suddenly I came across Spymaster Pro and read about their services. I bought the software and start tracking their cell phone. Unfortunately, they were leaking my secret info to my rival. I handled the situation smartly but big thanks to Spymaster Pro.