How to view search history on iPhone?

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Today, the Internet has become a big part of our day-to-day lives. It offers us lots of useful information, but it can also be associated with a certain amount of danger. There can be sites with content we would not wish to be exposed to, and some are even likely to attempt to acquire personal details from us.

Thus, it is only rational to look for a secure program that can help us to trace search activity on an individual’s iPhone. So, we have tested and looked at the most secure solutions, and would like to present them to you.

Is Safari Brower secure to use?

Safari is used and enjoyed worldwide by billions of people, however, like any other web page; it may be subject to potential dangers. A recent security risk was discovered, through which malicious websites could observe people’s activities and expose their personal information. No matter what secure platform you use such as Safari, complete safety cannot be 100% guaranteed.

The safety of our family and those we love should always be of utmost priority. Thus, it is important to equip them with effective browser security strategies as well as instructions on how to be safe online.

Furthermore, it is essential to frequently monitor their activities for any potential hazards. Knowing the risks can help protect dear ones from any dangerous situations.

No individual is protected from potential dangers online. It’s judicious to be watchful and oversee programs and online records with exactness.
Guarding your programs and individual data is a continuous activity and remaining aware of the most recent turns of events in innovation is a requirement. Keeping watch guarantees you are continue given the rising threats.

Method 1: See Someone Else’s iPhone Search History Via Spymaster Pro

App developers have come up with Spymaster Pro, which is a state-of-the-art tracking application; it is designed to aid guardians and couples in knowing the internet search trails of their significant other.
This application is well equipped with a variety of features like a browsing history viewer, and its easy accessibility has made it very popular with guardians and spouses.

Consumers of Spymaster Pro can quickly gain access to completed search queries; URLs visited, bookmarked websites, and saved sites. In other words, this software enables people to monitor any suspicious websites that a person may repeatedly visit or are of an adverse influence. This is how it can be used:

1. Use and buy an account for yourself.
2. Look for the device type you wish to monitor and buy a subscription as well.
3. To make sure your data is within the local network, opt for Local sync.
4. Install one of the apps on your PC or laptop if your plan consists of additional software.
5. To connect your iPhone to the desktop use a USB cable within the app installed. Also, remember to keep the connection secure.
6. Let the app collect your Safari web browser data once installed including bookmarks, search history, and other information.
7. Disconnect your iPhone from your desktop on successful collection of data. Using Wi-Fi, you can monitor the data.

If you are planning to monitor someone’s phone activities, it is essential to be linked up with the same wireless connection used for the installation process. Nevertheless, if you believe that you need more in-depth monitoring, you may look into other possibilities like iCloud syncing or Jailbreak answer.

Method 2: Get Someone’s iPhone Search History With iCloud

iPhone users, have you ever known that all your data can be saved into iCloud? Even better, you can access the records of your web surfing in Safari from various locations! These details you have kept can be retrieved from any place and kept in your pocket.

Before engaging in any task, make sure that Safari is included in your iCloud syncing setup. To discover how to go about viewing the search history of another individual’s iPhone, simply follow the instructions given below:

1. Visit the iCloud website.
2. Sign in using the login details including email, passwords, and so on.
3. A verification code will be asked which will display on a person’s iPhone. Type the code.
4. Look for the Safari app after successfully signing in. Through this, you can check the recently visited sites.

Using the targeted phone is a requirement for this technique to work. This necessitates receiving possession of the phone, thereby facilitating the signing-in process for the account. To access the emanations of the account, it is mandatory to physically get this device.

Method 3: See someone’s iPhone Search History Through iTunes

If your companion, relative, or companion does not have an iCloud reinforcement of their information, they might be utilizing an option answer, for example, iTunes.

This implicit program permits all accessible information put away on an iPhone to be accumulated and spared. On the off chance that this appears like your circumstance, you can back up the information rapidly and effectively utilizing the accompanying means:

1. Using a USB cable, connect the iPhone to the computer.
2. Use the Finder application if you use a Mac computer or else go with the iTunes application if you are using a Windows computer.
3. You get to see the iPhone symbol once the application is opened. Furthermore, choose the device you wish to work with from the available list of devices.
4. Once the device is selected, you get to see the ‘Restore Backup’ option. Select the option.
5. You will be asked to choose the file you wish to restore in a new window. Therefore click on the ‘Restore’ button after finding the file with Safari data.
6. Wait until the process ends. It may take time to complete. Once done, you are free to check the history on your iPhone.


In the modern era of technology, Spymaster Pro offers an advantageous solution for trust and safety. Going through your iPhone search history can help to ensure the security of your loved ones. Keeping tabs on activities with the assistance of Tracking Tools like GPS, SMS tracking email tracking, web browser, and phone tracking becomes easier.

Spymaster Pro guarantees 100% accuracy in its results and also provides 24/7 chat customer support. Safe and secure protection is now obtainable in short and straightforward steps by Spymaster Pro. For a secure life, trust and verify to your satisfaction.