How to Check Deleted YouTube History?

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Be it funny videos, muck banks, or cartoons, YouTube is one such platform that offers all for free. This social media site serves kids the best to keep them occupied and entertained. It also provides educational videos through which your kid can learn and develop creativity over time. While all of this comes across as a pleasant picture, one cannot ignore the age-inappropriate videos found on YouTube.

The worst part about these unfitting videos is that your kid can dart off to them quickly. Just a mere search can land them on videos that can affect their mental well-being. Now, you can readily keep a check on your kid’s YouTube history to ensure they are not watching any such thing. However, what if he/she manages to delete it before you find the chance to go through it?

In such a case, parents tend to look for an answer on how to check deleted YouTube history. We understand the need for such a query and have come to solve this issue for you. Read ahead to see how you can check YouTube history irrespective of whether your kid may have deleted it.

Why Should Parents Care About Deleted YouTube History?

If you think parenting in the 21st century is easy, you are doing it all wrong. Due to their inquisitive nature, Generation Z is becoming smarter each day – even more than their parents. While YouTube can end their curiosity, it can also expose them to topics like violence, swearing, and sexism that may be inappropriate for them.

With YouTube at their fingertips, and such dangers lurking on it, it is not uncommon for parents to look for how to monitor YouTube usage. And since the kids are smarter enough to delete the proof of this usage, parents should care about deleted YouTube history. It will help you keep your kids’ physiological state intact.

Before we tell you how to check deleted YouTube history, let us find out about YouTube history types.

YouTube Search History

It will tell you about what your kid searches on YouTube. If you want to know how to see search history on YouTube, it is pretty simple. On the YouTube history page, select “Community.” Then, choose the watch and search history option, and you can check all of it by date. However, if your kid has deleted it, you may have to wait a bit for our best way to check deleted YouTube history.

YouTube Watch History

For parents who want to know how to see recently watched videos on YouTube, watch history is what you should target. You can check it readily on the history page. However, there is a possibility that your kid may have cleared it or used the “Pause watch history” feature. In such a case, we have good news for you – even if they pause the watch history, the web browser will still keep storing it. But for this, the kid should be using YouTube on the web and not the app.

YouTube Comment History

If you want to know how to see YouTube comment history, this will be available under the “Community” option, similar to the YouTube search history. Follow it to check what your kid comments on other videos on YouTube.

Now that you are familiar with the types of YouTube history let us find out how to check deleted YouTube history.

Can You Check Deleted YouTube History?

A straightforward answer to this is – YES. If your kid deleted it on YouTube, it may not appear on the YouTube account but is still there on the Google activity. Also, cell phone monitoring technology can even help you do so remotely. Let us explore these options on how to check deleted YouTube history further.

Top Two Ways to Check Deleted YouTube History

Login on The Web

While your kid uses YouTube in the app, you can log in to the same account on the web and view their activity. However, if you accidentally play some video, your kid may know that you are keeping a check on their YouTube activity. If your timings do not match, your kid may delete the history before you check it.

Therefore, it may not be the perfect method for how to check deleted YouTube history. Still, you need not worry. We have another way for you, and this one is sure to help you get rid of all your worries. Let us find out about it.

Use Spymaster Pro

This #1 parental control app is the best way to safeguard your kids on YouTube and other social apps out there. The cell phone spy app can not only help you check deleted YouTube history but do a lot more. Currently, Spymaster Pro is compatible with all versions of Android 12 and iOS 15. It lets you monitor your kids’ phones remotely and in hidden mode. If you wish to know more about Spymaster Pro, you can check out Spymaster Pro reviews online or see the following video:

How to Check YouTube History on Android?

If you need a spy app that offers Android spy without root to check deleted YouTube history, Spymaster Pro is the one for you. Once you get its Android spy subscription, you only have to install it on your kid’s phone using a 5-minute installation process. After this, you can check the deleted YouTube history from the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

For a better understanding of the installation, you can refer to the Spymaster Pro Android installation guide. Further, since the app has a 30-day backup plan, it is even possible to check even deleted messages. There are various other Spymaster Pro features that you can enjoy with a single subscription.

How to Check YouTube History On iPhone?

Spymaster Pro lets you spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking and installing the software. Thus, you will not have to touch your kids’ phones to use them. You only need their iCloud credentials, and you are ready to go. The Spymaster Pro iPhone installation guide can help you with it. Once done, you can check deleted YouTube history on the control panel along with WhatsApp messages, Instagram activity, web browser history, GPS location, and a lot more.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how to check deleted YouTube history. Spymaster Pro is the ultimate solution for it. It is affordable, reliable, and super-safe to use. Get the cell phone spy app now, and keep your kids safe from inappropriate YouTube videos, online bullying, harassment, and a lot more.