Keep Your Kids Safe on Netflix – A Parental Control Guide

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Did you know, as per an advocacy group, some popular streaming services can be unsafe for kids?

The technological improvements have led to the replacement of regular television with popular streaming services. Now, you can find kids across the country accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming platforms on a daily basis.

One of my friends finds the introduction of streaming platforms quite helpful. As a parent, these are her handy helpers to keep both her kids busy while she is busy doing her chores. Her kids are under the age of 10 and tend to get frantic throughout the day. And Netflix helps her keep them engaged.

While there are numerous kid-friendly shows she can find there, she could find a list of programs that are not suitable for her little ones. They were rated okay for her children. However, since she belongs to a family that doesn’t like blasphemy, the programs were not appropriate for her.

In such a case, the thing that she could rely on was parental control software. All thanks to it, she can now go anywhere worry-free, and her kids get to watch shows on Netflix as per her preference. She clearly realized in time that Netflix isn’t beholden to the same content restrictions as that of broadcast television and was able to keep her kids safe from inappropriate content.

Since children can easily find access to mature content on streaming services, the Parents Television Council stated that they could be unsafe. When it comes to Netflix, the most known streaming service, 65% of its original content is rated as TV-MA. In such a case, it is downright common to look for ways to keep your kids safe on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Does your kid or teen use Netflix too much? Are you worried about what they may see without your knowledge? If yes, here is an all-inclusive guide about how to keep your kids safe on Netflix. Let us get started.

What Is Netflix?

With more than 167M subscribers, Netflix is an online streaming service that is immensely popular worldwide. Despite the newly introduced Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, it still tops the charts. In case you are a subscriber of this service, you can stream an array of TV shows and films on your cell phones or laptops with a particular monthly fee.

Why Is Netflix So Popular?

The reason behind your need to keep your kids safe on Netflix is its popularity among all. However, have you ever thought about why Netflix is so popular? We have an answer. This streaming service has completely changed the way we used to consume TV in the past. While you could see your favorite shows and movies at a fixed time earlier, you can now watch them anywhere and anytime.

From the blockbusters we all have grown up seeing to the original Netflix productions; users can find a lot on this platform. Some productions like The Tiger King, 13 Reasons Why, and Stranger Things are the most-talked-about shows. The craze of these Netflix originals is not unknown. But are these really safe for kids? Read ahead to know.

Netflix age and gender broken

Impact of Netflix On Children and Young People

Netflix offers an array of content for children of all ages. They have categorized their shows and movies per age group. However, not all of it is necessarily good-quality fare. Until your kid is young and doesn’t own a cell phone or any other device, you can control what they see on Netflix. But what about when they get their cell phone and start using Netflix on it?

In such a case, they will be able to browse all their favorite shows. And with no parental controls, it is easy for them to jump straight into things they should not be seeing. Sure, Netflix has something to offer for all age groups, be it, preschoolers or teenagers. But the impact of Netflix on your kids will depend on how they choose between these shows. And this is the trickiest part.

While you cannot stop your kid or teen from using Netflix, you sure can carry out Netflix monitoring to track what they see on it and ensure that they do not get introduced to inappropriate content. This way, you can keep your kids safe on Netflix.

Will My Child Be Able to View Inappropriate Content on Netflix?

Netflix has its own set of parental controls. These can be useful for a quiet young kid, and you may prevent him or her from seeing inappropriate content. However, when it comes to older kids and teenagers, you need to be careful. You cannot just limit their usage to the streaming platform. Well, you can try it if you would like to deal with the tantrums they throw! Also, they have tricks using which they can access the restricted content.

Netflix is fine for all ages if you are able to control what is watched on it. But let’s be real. Despite Netflix’s parental controls, older kids and teens can be difficult to handle. Further, numerous shows that are apparently geared toward young children consist of violence and bullying that might not be okay for some kids.

Further, for teens, certain shows and movies depict scenes of drinking, drugs, smoking, unsuitable language, and much more. Now, while kids in some regions are aware of all such stuff, it is not the same for children worldwide. So, a scene that may be normal for one kid might be disturbing for another. And due to this, Netflix monitoring is the need of the hour.

Is There Anything Else That Parents Need to Know?

Have you ever heard about binge-watching? Netflix is more or less responsible for the invention of this term. While your kid can briefly enjoy binging on shows, it is sure to affect their mental as well as physical health adversely.

Binge Watching

A popular study also revealed that kids prefer to watch back-to-back episodes of their favorite shows. This way, your kid could be spending hours seeing a single show and may want to see more. And since watching TV is now no longer a family but a private activity, you need to beware of certain shows’ content. We have some of the popular ones as an example. Have a look at the show that will make you want to start Netflix monitoring now:

  1. Stranger Things: This 80s noir science-fiction film has many intense, dark, and disturbing scenes. Although it is rated as 14+, families that do not like profanity may be against their kids watching it. Apart from some inappropriate language, there are a few sexual scenes as well as drinking and drug references in the film too. This movie may be appropriate for mature teenagers but not for those who have little knowledge about such stuff. It is definitely a big no for tweens.
  2. Archer: This sitcom may appear as a harmless cartoon, but it is not. The animated show features drugs, drinking, violence, and sexual innuendos that are inappropriate for kids. The lesson you can learn here is – just because the sitcom is animated; it doesn’t mean that it is for kids. So, do not just go for appearances. To keep your kids safe on Netflix, you must monitor what they see closely.
  3. 13 Reasons Why: This popular Netflix series revolves around the topic of suicide. To be precise, each of its episodes revolves around a tape. This tells the reason that motivated a teenage girl to commit suicide. Most of the parents feel that while the show’s message is important, it is only for mature audiences. Many critics are of a similar view.
  4. Bob’s Burgers: Bob’s Burgers is another animated show with an edgy and absurd vibe. While the family in it is loving and supportive, there are certain characters that are purely negative. Also, watching it, your kids can come across a bad language that may be unacceptable for some families.
  5. The Vampire Diaries: Just like the Twilight movie series, this supernatural-themed show is a teenage girl’s dream. However, it is edgier than Twilight. So, if your younger teenage kid watches this, you may not like it. Also, there are scenes depicting violence and drinking.
  6. The 100: This Netflix drama is based on a novel that goes by a similar name. You may like its positive messages and the strong female lead character. However, this dystopian drama revolves around graphic violence that shows beating, torture, and weapons. And these things are sure to have a psychological impact on kids. So, to keep your kids safe on Netflix, make sure they avoid this, especially if they are under the age of 15.
  7. Pretty Little Liars: The aptness of this Netflix program for your kid depends on their maturity rather than their actual age. It revolves around a storyline full of theft, mockery, defying parents, and breaking the rules. So, if you are looking for a positive message for your kids and teens, this show isn’t the one.
  8. Orange Is the New Black: When it comes to this show, some parents love the positive message. At the same time, others are known to label it as unnecessarily pornographic. Further, it is set in a women’s prison. The program divides parents to such an extent that some consider it a 13+ rated show, and others think it is completely an AO program.

Clearly, the ratings of shows by Netflix are not apt in such a case. Even if you determine what audience your kid comes under, there are still chances that he/she may be exposed to inappropriate content. This is why you may need to find a way to keep your kids safe on Netflix. And it is, undoubtedly, Netflix monitoring. Want to know about it? Have a look:

Number 1 Way to Keep Your Kids Safe on Netflix

The Netflix obsession is growing rapidly, especially among kids and teenagers. You can find youngsters around you killing their time binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix. As per some reports, the amount of time that kids use to spend in front of screens has increased by 2.5 hours per day since the introduction of Netflix.

In such circumstances, it is crucial for parents to find a way to keep their kids safe on Netflix. And an easy solution to this is carrying out Netflix monitoring with cell phone monitoring software. Yes, with the help of a spy app, child cell phone monitoring can be made super easy. And with this, you can easily monitor what they see on Netflix from their personal phones.

So, your solution to how to know what your kids and teens watch on Netflix ends with a device that needs to be installed on the target phone. With its help, you can not only track your kids’ Netflix activity but also track call logs, carry out social media monitoring, set up sensitive information alerts, and do a lot more.

Is It Possible to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone Remotely to Track Their Netflix Activity?

Cell phone monitoring technology has now made it possible to spy on a cell phone remotely. So, you can readily use one for Netflix monitoring. In fact, you can do so from any place, anytime, and without your kid having any idea about it. Yes, a cell phone spy app works in stealth mode.

However, to carry out this, you need to find the best cell phone monitoring application. For this, you can check out spy app reviews online. Also, it is a wise idea to jot down all that you want in your ideal parental control spy app. Then, compare the applications you like and settle on the best one. After this, you need to install it on your kids’ phones, and you can monitor everything on the spy app dashboard to keep your kids safe on Netflix.

Spymaster Pro – The Most Trusted Parental Control Software

Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Finding the best cell phone spy app is not child’s play. You can find numerous apps out there that work as parental control software and claim to be the best. But most of them are complete time wasters. We know it can be tough to find a genuine cell phone spy app. So, to make it simpler, we offer you the best parental control app – Spymaster Pro.

Don’t trust us! You can check out some unbiased Spymaster Pro reviews yourself. For those who are not familiar, Spymaster Pro is a coveted cell phone spy app that you can come across today. Apart from being a smart parental control, it is also popular as the most sought-after cheating wife tracker. Also, it is an excellent employee monitoring software.

Spymaster Pro is 100% reliable and will help you carry out Netflix monitoring remotely. Also, using its sensitive alert feature, you can set a limit on certain terms. So, when your kid uses them, you will get a real-time update. This way, you can easily keep your kids safe on Netflix.

Spymaster Pro Compatibility

Be it Android or iOS platforms, this cell phone spy app is compatible with both. Further, the compatibility of Spymaster Pro even covers the latest version of Android 12 and iOS 15. And when it comes to the phone models, you can track them all with this parental control software to keep your kids safe on Netflix. The options are plenty. Also, numerous parental control guides suggest it.

This spy app can track almost any Android or iOS phone out there. So, be it an iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, One Plus, or Realme, Spymaster Pro works perfectly with all phone brands and models. What’s more, it is budget-friendly software and is super simple to use.

Cell Phone Monitoring with Spymaster Pro

As stated above, this spy app offers fuss-free usage to all. The Spymaster Pro dashboard is self-explanatory. So, you need not be a tech expert to use it. Also, in case of any issue, there is 24/7 chat support for users. It is available in 10 different languages. The features of the spy app are constantly updated to meet the spy needs of the users.

Since it is available for both Android phones as well as iPhones, let us see how to get started with Spymaster Pro on both these platforms to keep your kids safe on Netflix.

How to Monitor Netflix on Android?

Step 1: Purchase the Spymaster Pro Android Subscription

Firstly, get a Spymaster Pro subscription that is compatible with your kids’ Android phones. For this, click on the “buy now” button on the Spymaster Pro website, and choose the subscription. Then, pay for it.

Step 2: Install It To The Target Phone

After you purchase Spymaster Pro for Android, you need to download and install it on the target phone. Spymaster Pro offers Android spy without root. So, without rooting the target phone, you can download the app and install it using a 5-minute installation process. The Spymaster Pro app download link can be found in the email sent to you after the purchase.

Step 3: Start Netflix Monitoring

Lastly, log in to your Spymaster Pro account, and start monitoring the cell phone of your kid on the Spymaster Pro dashboard. This way, you can easily keep your kids safe on Netflix.

Here is a video for your better understanding of the Spymaster Pro installation process:

How to Monitor Netflix on an iPhone?

Step 1: Get the Spymaster Pro iOS Subscription.

If your kid uses Netflix on his/her iPhone, Spymaster Pro offers a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution for iPhone. So, from the official website, purchase the subscription meant for an iPhone.

Step 2: Log in to Your Spymaster Pro Account

After you get the Spymaster Pro iOS subscription, you can spy on the iPhone without jailbreak. Also, since no installation is required, start by logging in to your Spymaster Pro account on your device. You will need the iCloud credentials of your kids’ phones while setting up your account. Without them, it is not possible to spy on Netflix on the iPhone.

Step 3: Start Netflix Monitoring

After logging in, you can easily monitor the iPhone activity on the Spymaster Pro dashboard and keep your kids safe on Netflix. Also, Spymaster Pro offers a lot more features.

Below is a video explaining how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Have a look:

Are There Any Other Streaming Services Parents Must Know About?

Sure, you need to keep your kids safe on Netflix. However, in recent times, many more online streaming platforms have emerged. Have a look at some popular ones:

keep your kids safe on Netflix

Can Spymaster Pro Track All These Streaming Services?

Yes, Spymaster Pro can monitor all these online streaming platforms. In fact, with this spy app, you can track all the applications installed on your kids’ phones. So, even if they are using some regional streaming services, you will be able to track them, as well. And all of this occurs remotely and in a 100% hidden mode. To know how Spymaster Pro is the best parental control software out there, you can even check out some Spymaster Pro success stories.


As a video-on-demand service, we are not saying Netflix is faulty. The platform is doing its best to segregate all its shows and movies into different age groups. Also, it comes with its own parental controls as well. However, kids and teens these days know how to view things that their parents do not want them to see. And one show that may be appropriate for one kid might be disturbing for others.

Clearly, not age but the maturity of your kid is the right criteria for letting him/her watch shows on Netflix. For this, Spymaster Pro is the best choice. With this spy app, you can carry out Netflix monitoring and track your kids’ and teens’ Netflix usage. Also, you can set alerts on certain keywords using the sensitive information alert feature. Thus, you can readily keep your kids safe on Netflix.