WhatsApp Dangers: Every Parent Must Know

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If you’re a parent concerned about your kid’s online activity, you may be talking about the apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. However, another app is widely used among kids and can easily slide under your radar.

Do your kids use WhatsApp a lot? The application has a list of positives that you can connect to it. However, there are also some potential WhatsApp dangers that your kid can face. Let us see what every parent needs to know about WhatsApp and its use.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a coveted instant messaging service that has an estimated 1.5 billion monthly users. The bulk of this chatting app’s user base comprises kids who use it to connect to friends and for entertainment purposes.


While almost every cell phone, be it Android or iPhone, enables sending text messages, WhatsApp is an alternative to do so without any cost. Kids tend to share a lot of information over the application without thought, which is why parents worry about WhatsApp dangers.

Why Do Kids Love WhatsApp?

Did you know this instant messaging, social media platform is available in over 109 countries? Here is why kids love to use it so much:

  • Using WhatsApp Is Easy, Fun, And Free!

Your kids can use WhatsApp Messenger to send text messages, photos, videos, and audio messages. Also, the application is ad-free and has no message limit or fees.

  • The Messaging App Has Cool Features

Along with all the things mentioned above, your kids can use this app to send a message to a group of people. Also, with the Status Feature, they can post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

  • WhatsApp Is A Stealth Chatting App

Your kid may meet someone on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, and move to WhatsApp because this application is less public. Kids can archive their chats and keep them hidden from parents. Also, there is WhatsApp Web for the times you take away their phone.

  • WhatsApp Hacks Make It Fun!

Kids can find various hacks online to enhance their WhatsApp experience. With these, they can create fake conversations, turn off Read receipts, retrieve deleted messages, and do a lot more.

Is WhatsApp Safe for Kids?

Is WhatsApp Safe for Kids

WhatsApp is undoubtedly an excellent application for us. However, it may not be appropriate for kids or teens. You will be surprised to know that some kids prefer WhatsApp because they know their parents will not make an effort to read WhatsApp messages but may do so for Facebook or Instagram. Further, WhatsApp dangers make it even less safe for kids. Let us know more about them.

What Are Some WhatsApp Dangers Related to Its Security?

As per claims, WhatsApp is secure. However, cybercriminals may find some loopholes in the application, making it dangerous for kids. When it comes to security, here are some WhatsApp dangers you need to worry about:

  • WhatsApp’s encryption isn’t as foolproof as it seems to be. Anyone can read WhatsApp messages if the user backs up data on Google Drive.
  • Strangers contacting your kid are among the most common WhatsApp dangers that your kid can face.
  • Kids aren’t careful WhatsApp users. So, they are even prone to malware threats.

Primary WhatsApp Dangers for Kids Under 18

The security drawbacks mentioned above can lead to the following WhatsApp dangers for kids:

  • Online predators

Predators often create fake accounts on various social apps to search for underage victims. WhatsApp is a perfect place for this as most parents believe it is safe and won’t check it. Also, online predators can see if the kid is online and befriend him. It can further result in personality theft, harassment, or your kid becoming a victim of sexual abuse.

  • Cyberbullies

WhatsApp is also a place where group chats are quite common. You can find kids sharing funny photos, entertaining videos, and explicit content here. If your kid uploads any of their pics here, someone can share them on the web. It can further result in cyberbullying, which is common among the prevalent WhatsApp dangers.

  • Scammers

Scammers can send corrupted links to your kid’s WhatsApp chats. These look engaging, and when children open them, their cell phones can be affected by malware that can take away personal details.

  • Inappropriate content

Another one of the WhatsApp dangers for kids includes them viewing inappropriate content. In fact, this is the biggest concern in the modern world. Kids can be exposed to unsuitable content quite early, and it can affect their tender minds. Also, there are several acronyms that your kid can use to hide something from you.

  • Fake news

Usually, kids have various WhatsApp groups that they have joined. They can do so just by following a mere link. Here, any information can go viral quickly, even if it is incorrect. So, your kid can get exposed to various fake news.

Now, you must be wondering how fake news can be counted among the WhatsApp dangers. Let’s take a recent example of this. During the current period of the coronavirus crisis, various phony information on WhatsApp has incited panic among kids. Another incident that you must know about is the 2018 mob killing in India.

How to Protect Kids from WhatsApp Dangers?

The only way to safeguard your kids from all the WhatsApp dangers given above is with cell phone monitoring software. You need to install these on your kid’s device, and after this, you will be able to read WhatsApp chats remotely and in hidden mode. Also, such applications allow you to do a lot more than just WhatsApp tracking. So, you will be able to monitor your kid secretly and keep them safe online.

Spymaster Pro – Top-Rated Cell Phone Monitoring Software for WhatsApp Tracking

Spymaster Pro

If you need a spy app that can act as a smart parental control app and safeguard your kids from WhatsApp dangers, Spymaster Pro can be your #1 pick. With it, you can not only monitor your kid’s WhatsApp messages but also do numerous other things like social media monitoring, location tracking, sensitive information alert, web browser history tracking, etc.

Further, you can even limit your kid’s screen time using this top-rated spy app. Also, if someone suspiciously calls them, you can block their call. The spy application also allows you to block unwanted websites and apps on your child’s phone. What’s more? All this happens without your kid having any idea about it.

Currently, Spymaster Pro is compatible with all the versions up to Android 12 and iOS 15. Also, it lets you spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking and installing the software. For an Android phone, on the other hand, a 3-to-5-minute installation is needed. However, the application offers Android spy without root.

Final Thoughts

The WhatsApp dangers can put the safety of your kid at real risk. The application has some pretty serious security issues, and with no WhatsApp parental controls for kids, a wise choice is to use a parental control app. Spymaster Pro can come in handy for this. It is reliable, affordable, and super-safe to use. Get it now to prevent your kid from being bullied, scammed, or harassed while using their favorite WhatsApp messenger.