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Facebook Messenger is one of the extensive social media networks, unifying the world- helping people to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. if a recent stats to believe, over 20,000 people are using Facebook Messenger every second, sending 1,50,000 messages every minute.

Are you concerned about your teen’s Facebook Messenger conversations? Is your soulmate having an extramarital affair? Or, is one of your trustworthy employees is leaking company’s strategic data? There is a way to find answer to these thoughts, it is a Facebook tracker software to monitor someone’s Facebook Messenger.

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chats Remotely?

Step 1:

The prerequisite to begin Facebook spying on someone is to choose a spy software from an array of options available on the mobile app market. This can be done best if you search the internet to read reviews posted by customers who have previously availed the benefits of a monitoring software. Once you have narrowed down on some of the best spy app choices, compare them in terms of pricing, set of features offered, and after sales customer support. Spymaster Pro, a popular monitoring software, ticks these three boxes to become No 1 spy app of the year 2017.

Step 2:

Once you have finalised on the spy app to buy, visit the company’s official website to check out their subscription packages to choose in accordance with the type of smartphone, you want to monitor. Typically, there are two kinds of monitoring package, one is for Android phones, and the other one is for iPhones.

Step 3:

For an Android phone, you have to install the spy software on the target phone. This won’t take more than six minutes, usually, a breezy task requiring no technical knowledge.

On the other hand, for an iPhone, you only have to hand over the Apple ID credentials of the iPhone to be tracked.

Step 4:

Now, log onto to your user dashboard to view the Facebook data recorded, and then uploaded by the spy app over personalised your web account.

Wrapping up, these software are 100% undetectable as they don’t show any icon or notifications on the monitored phone.