12 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

April 11, 2016 | 7376 Views

Every relationship is based on trust specially a relationship between husband-wife. But when you come to know that your spouse is cheating on you, you can sit quite and many thoughts start developing in your mind. This feeling is obvious when the person you trust the most betray you. Infidelity or cheating is never acceptable and it is the cause of most divorces. When you discover that you are being cheated by your loved one, you feel like you are mourning for someone. You start losing yourself, your feelings, self worth and your self-esteem.

Cheating is Intentional

When an individual among the couple chose to cheat on another, they themselves don’t know what will happen next. The cheater feels that s/he is almighty and nobody will ever come to know that s/he is lying to the partner. They disregard any possibility of secret observation or discovery But every lie has an expiration date.

Why to cheat?

Why people take risk of cheating? Infidelity or dishonesty in a relationship is a cheating because it takes something away from your partner. It takes away intimacy, time, importance.. Extra affair symbolizes that the husband and wife is not happy together but cheating is not the only solution. They can sit together and talk to each other but instead of this partners redirect to find a new one. If you also feel that your spouse is cheating on you then there are 12 signs to find out the reality:

  • You will experience an emotional retraction and a lack of emotional intimacy. When you fight there will be no emotional attachment and more often a cheater creates a fight, because s/he does not want to continue the relationship.You will find that they try to keep the distance and rebel the relationship’s values.
  • They will spend more time staying out of home where you cannot reach like late night works, weekend trips away from home etc.
  • The evidential lipstick mark on his shirt, marks on the body, unknown fragrance from clothes, all point towards his relation with someone else.
  • Avoiding physical closeness with you.
  • Starting fights and shitstorm drams at home
  • Behaving like single and detached from you
  • You will find sudden changes in his personality like more conscious about health and dress up.
  • Often showing a younger appearance
  • Taking irregular bath or showers after reaching home
  • Showing more possessiveness and blaming you for flirting others
  • Unusual behaviour like sudden fights with you and then bringing gifts
  • Need time to think about the relationship means want to go away, not alone with someone else.

If you feel that most of the symptoms are matching with your life, then you need to take an appropriate action for your life.

What you can do if you think your spouse is cheating:

If you are not a cheater or have never even think about cheating your spouse, then you will never be able to discover your spouse guilty behavior. It is because you are very loyal and you expect the same from other side as well. We are not saying that you should behave like detective but there are some phases in life when there is a chance of cheating. So, be protective and even if you find a little clue of being cheated then be alert.

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