How to Spy on Android 12?

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Does your kid, teen, or spouse own an Android 12 device? Do you feel that they are keeping things from you? If yes, you may be looking for ways to spy on Android 12 to know what they are doing on it 24/7?

With the Android 12 update completely out, how to spy on it is on the minds of many. In order to spy on Android 11 or the older versions, you can find numerous methods online. But there aren’t many options out there that will let you spy on Android 12. Are you looking for one? Well, we have good news! Spymaster Pro has received a new update that makes it fit to spy on Android 12 without root. Scroll down to know more!

Prerequisites to Spy on Android 12 

  • Spy on Android phones remotely 
  • A stable internet connection 
  • The target phone for the installation process

Spymaster Pro — #1 Cell Phone Spy App to Spy on Android 12

Spymaster Pro is a top-rated cell phone monitoring solution that can be used to spy on kids to keep them safe, track remote employees, and catch a cheating spouse. It lets you monitor the target phone from any browser, anytime, anyplace, and in a 100% hidden mode.

This high-tech app now has a new update that will let you spy on Android 12 remotely. It is further reliable and super-safe to use. With it, you can keep track of the target Android phone without much effort. All the data that you receive is accessible only and only to you. Even the Spymaster Pro technical team cannot see it. Yes, the spy app is reliable and secure! If you wish to know more about this coveted spy application, you can check out honest Spymaster Pro reviews on some trusted websites.

How to Spy on Android 12 with Spymaster Pro?

Step 1: Get the Spymaster Pro Android Spy Software Firstly, visit the Spymaster Pro webpage and get the subscription that is meant for Android. If you need all the Spymaster Pro features, get a premium subscription.

Step 2: Install It to the target Android 12 Phone Then, download and install the Spymaster Pro app to the target Android phone. This can be done using a simple five-minute installation process. Also, the download link for the spy app will be sent to you via email.

Step 3: Get Ready to Spy on Android 12 Lastly, login to your Spymaster Pro account, and you can spy on Android 12 on the Spymaster Pro dashboard. Here, you will get access to all the information about the target phone remotely. From social media monitoring to call logs tracking, you will be able to do all.

Spymaster Pro Dashboard

Is It Possible to Spy on Android 12 Without Root?

Spymaster Pro lets its users spy on Android without root. The spy app continues to do the same for the Android 12 update, as well. So, it is possible to spy on Android 12 without root, all thanks to Spymaster Pro.

The application works well with all popular mobile brands like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Micromax, etc.

Is Spymaster Pro Still Compatible with Android 11 Even After the New Update?

Yes, even after the new update, you can spy on Android 11 or the older versions using Spymaster Pro. Also, if you have a running Spymaster Pro subscription, you will get the new update automatically without the need to pay for it.


So, this is how you can spy on Android 12. With Spymaster Pro, this can happen in the most effortless way. The features like sensitive information alert and location tracking offered by this cell phone monitoring software can help you can do a lot. What are you waiting for? Invest in Spymaster Pro now, and start monitoring your loved ones to keep them safe.