How To Spy, Hijack WhatsApp Messages for iPhone or Android?

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The alluring aspect of Whatsapp (W/App) has made itself famous. It‘s proclaimed as the most popular app that is being used by people for messaging purposes. It’s not only free but it also works as a cross-messaging platform. The ease and lack of difficulty in sharing media have made it the front runner amongst the other similar apps.

But wait! As every coin has two sides, so is the case with Whatsapp. If this wondrous messaging application benefits a lot, it sometimes can destroy lives too. This app has actually become a secret room, especially for the betrayals. They generally use it to keep up and uphold their infidelity or wrongful deeds from their family members/employers/outside world. Forget about others, but if the person is your closed one, then the situation makes you even more irresistible to peep into his/her secret room.

And you aren’t that tech-savvy that you can easily reach out to their secret chats. So, in that case, what can you really do? Well, things that are common are to sneak peek on his/her profile when s/he isn’t around? Or directly ask them what are they purposely hiding from you?

Do you think id that a good idea? Can you the entire story if you straightforwardly demand it? Well, the answer to all the above-asked questions is – a big NO! Therefore, it ultimately means that you will be required to hack the particular account of the popular IM app, the person uses. But, how! Well, follow along to know, how to dive in.

To every problem, there is a probable solution!

It is a myth if a person guarantees 100% security of any particular thing. Nothing is entirely secured. Hence, you still get the likelihood to know what you’re anxiously waiting for. Here is how you can do it:

1) Implant Monitoring Software: It is considered one of the most effortless and uncomplicated way to snoop into someone’s W/App profile. All you’ve to do is to buy any online available cell phone monitoring software and plant it on the target’s mobile phone. Spymaster Pro is one of the genuine spyware among the available handful of products that are also used for this particular purpose. The app is well known for its credibility and authenticity. Additionally, it provides an ample amount of other information, which you’ve ever wished to monitor, check what they are:

Spymaster Pro

  • Person’s text messages (SMS) and emails.;
  • Target person’s call log (inclusive of call summary, call history, contact person details, etc.):
  • Other IM chat history viz. conversation thread of Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, etc.
  • Phonebook particulars
  • Whereabouts updates through GPS Location tracking
  • Surfed websites URLs
  • Multimedia gallery record

2) Whatsapp Sniffer:


This tool is used for Android devices that are rooted and use the same Wi-Fi networks. This helps in recording the entire conversation done through this IM chat application. Not only threads, but shared pictures, audio, and video files shared from the target user’s cell phone. This software takes the assistance of the TCPDump program that scans through the Wi-Fi Network Packets and lets you analyze these accounts. Like, W/App’s server having its origin or destination will serve you the data in plain text. Thus, nothing will be cracked or decrypted.

3) Spoofing:


Well, it is a bit difficult to hack someone’s profile, and that too when it is one of the famous instant messaging applications. This is because you need to spoof the MAC address of the red marked person’s device which probably demands considerable technical knowledge to encounter it. Well, don’t worry, just read on to grasp the complete guide to do it.

For your kind knowledge, let me tell you that your favorite cross-messaging platform is such an application that can be operated in two different gadgets. To be specific, for this you need to make sure that both the devices should carry a similar MAC address. Therefore, acquire the same, trick and use it on your device. Act in accordance with the following given instructions:

  • Android: Go to the “Settings”. Then select “About phone” that should be followed by the “Status”. Hence, gain WIFI MAC address;
  • iPhone: Check in the “Settings”, Upon that, select option “General”, chase it by putting a mark on “About phone”. Therefore acquire WIFI address;
  • BlackBerry: Select “Options”, Head over next to “Device”, Tick mark on “Device and Status Info”, obtain WLAN Mac;
  • Windows Phone: Tick mark “Settings” then go to “About”, right after that select “More Info”. Thus, Grab the MAC Address.

Once the target of receiving The MAC address is done, you’re supposed to mock (spoof) it on your personal cell phone. Henceforth, Plant Whatsapp messenger on the same phone and then set up it with the provided circled person’s contact number. Therefore, verify the created account by applying the verification code that the red-marked person has received.
Follow the aforementioned steps and you will certainly meet your mission.

4.Do It With Airdroid: With the miraculous feature of Airdroid, you can amusingly see a mirror image of your Android device on the computer PC, once you connect the cell phone with it. Let’s check, how this feature will help us hack the popular messaging app. You need to get hold of your circled person’s cell phone for a couple of minutes. Then you’re supposed to equip it with Airdroid. Therefore, whenever, your red-marked person connects to the IM application, you ought to see the replica of her handset’s screen on your PC screen. You needn’t require entering any authentication code for it. Moreover, this can be done in an incognito mode as the target will never come to know about this.


Crux: Your favorite IM chat is the safest zone only if your gadget isn’t kept leftover. It’s completely under your control and only you can access it if you do not turn it up to other’s hands. Remotely monitoring and hacking is a bit difficult as the hacker needs to do a lot of laborious job for it. So, all the above-mentioned tricks and techniques are supposed to be done manually. Hence, be cautious when you hand over your cell phone to anyone.

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