17yrs Old Boy Caught For Capturing Naked Pictures in His Mobile

October 5, 2015 | 9189 Views

A 17 years old boy has been litigated for bearing naked pictures of his own in his mobile phone. According to the Guardian’s report, Cormega Copening, the young boy of North Carolina, is accused for performing unmannered activities.

The matter was highly discussed in the media and the boy was also suspended from his football team. He was penalized under the laws of child pornography for exploiting himself. For these actions, he was charged with five counts for seizing exposed pictures of himself and his girlfriend, Denson who was also charged for the same. As per North carolina Law, these pictures were illegal as sexual connection between the pair is not acceptable at the age of 16.


The images were discovered when Copening was in school and the authorities were investigating on the matter of illegal way of sharing sexual images. But, it was found that Copening did not share any of his own or his girlfriend’s pictures with anyone. They were released from felony charges, but they were commanded to pay court costs. Further, they also had to attend good decision making class and serve the community for 30 hours. Although, they were allowed to attend their school but they were banned from owning a mobile phone for one year. To abolish the spot on their records, they had no option but to comply with all these situations.

Being registered as a sex offender- do you think it is a good start up of a youth life? Of course not! At this time, many questions may be striking your mind- How to get assured about the children’s safety in this Smartphones era? How to protect the youngsters?

We can’t deny the fact, that since the arrival of Smartphones, teenagers have started spending most of their time on these gadgets. They love to take endless pictures all over the day whether they are moving out with friends, family or even at home during bed time. Every single second, they take selfies alone or with their loved ones. Further, they post these pictures on the most functional social sites to get credit and to earn maximum likes. They just do this to come into flash light and to prove that they are the heroes of their generation. Youngsters do not have enough sense to draw out the difference between suitable and unsuitable practice for them. Sharing of an innocent picture captured at your workplace is not bad as opposed to the content that would be considered as illegal. Discovering this difference is very essential.

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We advise you to take a right step at right time before it gets blown.