What is Spymaster Pro?

October 12, 2012 | 5011 Views



The concept of internet spyware was greeted with applause from the entire tech community. With internet spyware you could view emails and chats of anyone you were spying on. But now with mobile spyware you can gain access to your target’s phone.

Introduction to Mobile Spyware


Spyware helps to track cell phone activity of your target. You can gain access to their call logs and can view the list of incoming and outgoing numbers along with the duration. Texting facility can also be modified in a way so that details of every text message can be recorded in a secure server even after the original message has been deleted by your target. The best part about spyware is it is absolutely untraceable.


Why Opt for Spymaster Pro
Spymaster Pro is cell phone spy software with a known reputation in the market for being an efficient spy software. With Spymaster Pro you can not only avail basic functions of a spyware like gaining access to the target’s phonebook and call logs but you will also have enhanced functions like call listening and environment listening at your disposal. With call listening you can spy on any conversation your target is having with his or her phone. The entire conversation will be recorded in a secure server location and you can listen to it at any convenient time. Environment listening facilitates listening to any conversation your target is having with a third party with the phone in a nearby location. Even if the voice recording is blurry you can always use voice enhancing tools to clarify the voice.


Support System
Our support team works 24*7 to ensure that all your queries are satisfied and users have an enhanced experience. You can even mail our support system about any issue you are facing and our team will get back to you with 24 hours.