How to spy on cellphone Remotely?

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In modern times, cellphones play a vital role in almost everyone’s life. People spend countless hours just using the multiple features that these offers. Has your kid or spouse been doing the same? Are you worried that they are addicted to their mobile screen, or do you notice a change in their behavior? If yes, now is the time to gather some proof and get past all your suspicions.

However, how does one do so? It is simpler than you can ever imagine. All you need to know is how to spy on a cellphone remotely. This way, you can get the target user’s vital information from their phone gallery, call logs, Facebook activity, and all other things they do on their cellphone. If you are looking for ways to spy on a cellphone remotely, you are in the right place. Ready to know? Let the scrolling begin.

Is It Possible to Spy on Cellphone Remotely?

You can always spy on someone’s cell phone remotely if you have access to it. However, is it possible to do so remotely? If you are wondering the same, here’s the answer – Yes, it is. The latest cell phone monitoring technology makes it possible to spy on cellphone remotely. You can not only do so from the comfort of your space and as per your time but also in a hidden mode.

Further, if the target phone is an iPhone, you might even be able to install a cell phone monitoring software on it remotely. That means you will not need any physical access to it. Further, you will not have to go through the process of jailbreaking of the iPhone. As for an Android phone, where remote monitoring is possible, you will have to install the software on it using a five-minute installation process.

Spy on Cellphone Remotely with Spymaster Pro

Now that you know that it is possible to spy on cellphone remotely, the next step is to look for the best cell phone monitoring software. Let us make your search easier for you. We present you with the most sought-after cell phone spy app – Spymaster Pro.

Spymaster Pro is high-tech monitoring software that you can use to spy on any cellphone from anyplace and any browser. Also, you get to do this in stealth mode. So, the target user will have no idea that you know what they are doing on their cell phone. This spy app is 100% reliable and super-safe to use. To know more about the Spymaster Pro app, you can go through the following video:

Pictures and videos are a great way of sharing your personal moments with near and dear ones. If you have seen them sharing these moments with unknown contacts then you can spy on their mobile to confirm your suspicion.

Live GPS tracking can let you track their activities throughout the day and find if they were lying to you or cheating on you. The location of the target mobile will be available to you at any time of the day and will let you spy on the cellphone of your loved one with stealth.

Social media is also a great pointer to their activities as everyone has a social media account nowadays and people visit at least a few times on these accounts. You can track all of the Social accounts and know if there is anything to be worried about.

What Devices Are Supported by Spymaster Pro?

Phone Compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility of Spymaster Pro, this cell phone monitoring software can work for all iOS and Android models. In fact, it is even available for the latest versions of Android 10 and iOS 13 & 14. So, from popular Android models like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi to all iPhone models, Spymaster Pro is compatible with all.

Thus, to spy on a cellphone remotely using this spy app, you need to make sure that you purchase a subscription as per the OS of the phone. For instance, if the target phone is an iPhone 5 or iPhone X, you will have to choose the iPhone subscription. And for Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Redmi Note 9, you can choose between the basic and premium Android subscription.

How to Monitor an Android Phone Remotely?

According to Google, nearly 1.4 billion Android devices are being used by users all across the globe. That means you can always spot someone near you who uses an Android cellphone. For an Android operating system, the remote installation of Spymaster Pro can be complicated. So, you need to install the application on the target phone using an easy 5-minute installation process.

Steps to Install Spymaster Pro on An Android Phone

To spy on Android phones remotely, Spymaster Pro offers you two subscription packages. The first one is the Basic subscription, and the second one is the Premium one. While for the first one, the features are limited, the premium version provides you access to all the Spymaster Pro Android features. Here is how you can get this software to spy on a cellphone remotely:

Step 1: Visit the Spymaster Pro website and click on the “Buy Now” button. Then, choose your desired subscription (basic or premium) and proceed to pay for it.

Step 2: Use the download link from the email you receive to download and install the Spymaster Pro app to the target phone. As stated earlier, this can be done within five-minutes.

Step 3: Now, you do not need the target phone. You will be able to spy on a cellphone remotely from the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

Spymaster Pro Android Features

Here are some of the Android features that come packed with a Spymaster Pro subscription:

  • Phonebook Tracking

Spymaster Pro’s phonebook tracking feature allows its users to go through all the contacts of the target Android phone.

  • Call Tracking

Using the call tracking feature, you can get all the information about the target user’s dialed and received calls. From the contact involved in the duration and the contents of the call, Spymaster Pro can help you with all.

  • SMS Tracking

The SMS conversation of the target user is a crucial source of information. So, to let you spy on a cellphone remotely, Spymaster Pro offers the SMS tracking feature. Using it, you can read all the text messages on the target phone and see their date and time stamps, as well.

  • Social Media Tracking

Be it Facebook Tracking or WhatsApp tracking; this cell phone monitoring software can help you with all social media platforms. You can read all the messages on these easily. Also, you can see the photos and videos that are shared.

  • GPS Location Tracking

Location tracking is another feature that you can enjoy with Spymaster Pro. With it, you can know about the target phone user’s whereabouts from anywhere.

  • Web Browser History Tracking

Spymaster Pro also allows you to remotely monitor the web browser history of the target person. Thus, you can keep a tab on all the websites which user is checking or visiting from any browser on their phone.

  • Installed App Tracking

Apart from the popular social apps like Facebook and Instagram, you can also monitor all the other apps installed on the target phone. These range from Gmail, Hangouts, and Kik to Viber, Tinder, and Telegram.

  • Multimedia Tracking

When you need to spy on a cellphone remotely, the phone gallery of a person can be where you can find maximum information. Spymaster Pro allows you to spy on it using this feature. Thus, you can easily see all the videos and photos on the target phone.

  • Sensitive Information Alert

This feature is perfect if you are using Spymaster Pro as a parental control app. Using it, you can set limits on certain keywords for which you will receive real-time updates.

How to Spy on iPhone Remotely?

Did you know 83% of teens in the United States own an iPhone? So, if someone around you has one and you want to spy on it, Spymaster Pro offers a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution for iPhone. So, the innovations have opened many new ways to spy on a cellphone remotely. Further, with no physical assess needed to the target iPhone, you can get started with Spymaster Pro iPhone spy features only using the iCloud credentials of the target user.

Steps to Install Spymaster Pro on iPhone Remotely

Once you purchase Spymaster Pro for iPhone, you only have to log in here on your device: After this, use your username and password, and you will gain access to the Spymaster Pro dashboard. Thereafter, follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Scroll down to click on the Next button.

Step 2: Enter the iCloud username and password of the target iPhone and click on save.

Step 3: Select the target iPhone that you want to monitor from the list.

Step 4: Enter the device name (Optional).

After completion of these steps, you will start receiving the target iPhone information shortly in your dashboard.

Spymaster Pro iOS Features

Below are some of the top-rated iOS features that you will get with Spymaster Pro for iPhone:

Spymaster Pro iOS Features


So, this is all you need to know about how to spy on a cellphone remotely. Spymaster Pro can be your #1 pick for it. This spy app has a user-friendly interface, and it won’t be trouble getting started with it. Also, it is a budget-friendly cell phone spy app. To be 100% sure about this spy software, you can even check out some trusted Spymaster Pro reviews.