Is your spouse cheating before getting married

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Marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen to one’s life. One gets fired up when he/she gets married. And one should be, after all, it is a matter of a lifelong commitment to love each other unconditionally and infinitely. However, if chosen wrongly, it can also turn out to be a dreadful nightmare and sucks the life out of you. So, it is paramount to know about your Spouse cheating before marriage.

Breaching the Marriage Vows:

“The drop of love can rejuvenate a dull and meaningless life and blossoms the forlorn heart, whereas the fire of infidelity can not only burn the paradise but can also leave a lifelong heartache, sense of betrayal, and sufferings“. These words truly fit on today’s relationship satire, particularly that of a husband and wife.
Sometimes people say, “I woke up one day and my spouse was a complete stranger to me.” Now, the question arises that how one can change quite suddenly? Well, nowadays, I see people getting married and at the same time getting hooked up – pouring the water into their extramarital relationship. So, if you’ve found “the one” and have decided you will spend the rest of your lives together, then this blog is especially for you, as it exclusively covers the things that you should know about your spouse before getting married or either of you gets down on one knee.

know about your spouse before getting married

Marriage has to be 100- 100:

Marriage is really a genuinely loving relationship which is far-reaching as well as all-encompassing. A successful relationship requires a strong commitment of two people – it is not one person’s job to love and care. Closely watch how he/she act and communicates when gets angry. Does he/she show contempt in the relationship? Remember- An ineffective communicator literally “gets personal” by attacking the person, while minimizing or ignoring the issue.

Assets And Liabilities:

You may have discussed your financial matter with your significant other but have you thought about how will you face the ups and downs of your life? Check his/her spending habits before deciding your future with that person. Many marriages suffer not because of lack of finance, but because of bad spending habits of one or both partners. Know about your partner’s habit, as it will give you an idea of their monthly expenditure. If your partner beats around the bush every time you try to talk to them about their finance, then he/she likely has something to hide from you.

Enjoying The Rollercoaster Ride:

We know that Sometimes a bit of extra attention from an opposite gender kind of breaks the monotony but there are many unfaithful partners secretly enjoying their game of infidelity right underneath the nose of their innocent partner. Nowadays, cheating partners before marriage are increasing day by day and living in two separate worlds. Now, you may be trying to console yourself by saying this – “No, this is not possible”, but somewhere in your mind, there may be a doubt that your lover can deceive you.

spouse cheating


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Accept That People Cheat And Lie!

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