I Used Spymaster Pro to Monitor My Son, and I Am Glad I Did!

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Hi, I am Nicole. As a parent of a 14-year old, I have learned over the years that my kid is not just prone to threats in the physical environment, but he is equally vulnerable to risks in the virtual world. So, I never wanted to get my son a smartphone at such an early age. But there was little I could do when he worked and saved for his own money to buy one for himself.

Many of you might think I had no right to monitor his use of it. Generally, parents tend to be protective of their children. And just like all other parents out there, so am I. Being a responsible parent is hard. It is not like we do not trust our kids, but we just never wish to see them get into trouble. The real world is undoubtedly a cruel place to live in. And believe it or not, your kids’ phone can be a direct link to it. So, just like any other concerned parent, I decided to use a cell phone monitoring software named Spymaster Pro to monitor Noah, my son’s Android phone.

This parental control was suggested to me by one of my friends Maria. She has been using it for the past two tears to keep her little girl safe. According to her, it was one of the best parental control applications out there. I do not usually believe anyone easily. But I trusted her on this. And I am glad I did. The app provides me a way to monitor everything on Noah’s phone. Even if I do not understand what application he is using, this spy app does not fail to help me. With it, I am just a single click away from knowing whatever my son does on his phone.

Apart from this, this cell phone monitoring software came handy when I expected the least. Let me tell you the entire story about it.

One day, I got a call from Noah’s middle school Dean. It seemed that my son had been blackmailing his girlfriend over something. The girl claimed to have received some unpleasant texts from Noah, as well. She told her friends about it. And it didn’t take much time for the words to spread around the whole of the school. Apparently, the school wanted to punish my son, accusing him of harassment to set an example for the rest of the students.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe that my sweet little, responsible son could do something like that. It was when I realized that I have cell phone monitoring software – Spymaster Pro installed on his smartphone. I just grabbed my phone and opened the dashboard to know about all the conversations exchanged from his phone over the last few days. That was when I came across something that shocked me. It wasn’t my son harassing that girl. But the other way around. In fact, her friends were involved in this too.

All thanks to Spymaster Pro, I was able to prove my son innocent. With so much proof on hand, the school had to back down. Instead of Noah being in trouble, the parents of the girl and her friends were called in for a conversation with the Dean. And subsequently, those students were the ones punished for their doings.

I trust my son. But, had I cared about other’s opinions and not installed a cell phone monitoring software on his smartphone, my son would have been in great trouble. Trusting your own kid is good, but you cannot trust the whole world. Eventually, I told my son about me monitoring his cell phone. And surprisingly, he was okay with it as I made sure that I did so without hindering his privacy.

My son wasn’t wrong. But let’s be honest here. In today’s internet-driven world, it is quite common for kids to indulge in wrongful activities or get bullied. It is, therefore, crucial for parents to keep a check their kid’s online activity and ensure that they are safe. A cell phone monitoring software like Spymaster Pro, is a perfect solution for this.

From my everyday experience, I can easily tell you a few reasons why you will need parental controls to keep your kids safe. Some of the most common everyday concerns that parents may face include:

  • Cyberstalkers or bullies who try to reach your kids on social media platforms are the topmost concerns of parents.
  • Your kid being involved in illegal activities or falling in the wrong company may worry you too.
  • Is your child reading or viewing some unwanted content on the internet? This is another concern that may come to your mind.
  • Your kid may be facing peer pressure.
  • Are their online posts safe? Cybersecurity is another issue that keeps parents worried.

The list can go on! After all, we parents worry a lot. But let’s face it, apart from taking care of our children, we have a lot more responsibilities on our shoulders. So, the best way here to be a responsible parent is by using a cell phone monitoring software. You can try using Spymaster Pro just like I did. It worked out great for me, and I hope it does for you too.

Disclaimer: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.