How to Track my Husband’s iPhone?

Last updated on July 27, 2020 | 7965 Views

Tracking your husband’s phone, or anyone’s, as a matter of fact, sounds creepy! However, in this fast-moving, uncertain, and chaotic world, you can face a situation when you may have to do so.

Trust and transparency in a relationship are the most significant traits that you can expect from your husband. But, owing to some external influences, if you feel that the faithfulness and loyalty of your husband are at stake, taking control of the situation is the best you can do.

Instead of taking some immediate action that you may regret later, you must make sure to look into the situation and gather enough proof about the betrayal of your husband.

The best way to do so is by keeping track of all his activities. Now an important question that may arise in all your minds after reading this is – “How to track my husband’s iPhone?” And we have the best solution for you. Here is all you need to know about it:

Cheating in A Relationship

cheating in a relationships

Marriage is the most beautiful commitment that one can experience. However, finding out that your husband can be cheating on you sucks big time.

As per recent studies, almost 25% of marriages break every year due to the incident of infidelity. Further, another study stated that as much as 70% of Americans had admitted cheating on their partner during their marital life.

These numbers are simply astonishing, and if you feel like your husband is hiding something from you, it may lead you into thinking about such situations, as well.

However, always remember that jumping to such conclusions may have serious implications than you can imagine, especially if your husband is not at fault. So, phone tracking is the best choice here. And about how to track your husband’s iPhone, we present the perfect spy app for you.

Spymaster Pro – The Best iPhone Tracking App

Questions like how to track my husband’s iPhone or how to keep my child safe online are quite common these days. Keeping this in mind, we developed the perfect spy app that can help you keep all your worries away. It is reliable and easy to use.

Using this single cellphone monitoring software, you can do multiple things. These range from keeping your family safe to monitoring your employees and catching a cheater.

Further, with the help of Spymaster Pro, you will be able to do so remotely. It comes with a set of features that an ideal spy app must-have. Moreover, you do not need much technical knowledge if you wish to use it. Thus, you will get the freedom to track anyone from any browser and anywhere.

What’s more, Spymaster Pro is quite affordable. So, you need not worry about spending a lot on it. And in the case of the iPhone, you will need no jailbreak for it to work. All of these things make this spy app a perfect answer to your question – how to track my husband’s iPhone?

How to Track my husband’s iPhone with Spymaster Pro?

Now, once you decide to get this spy app, you must be wondering how you can actually use it for the same. Well, you need not worry about it. The application is super-simple to use. Here is a simple four-step guide of how you can use it:

Step 1

To start tracking an iPhone using this cell phone monitoring application, you will need to make a purchase first. For this, you can visit

Step 2

Once you reach the website, select the package that is specially meant for iPhone users, and make the payment.

Step 3

Next, you need to collect the iCloud credentials of your husband’s device. Once you have these, log in to your spymaster account.

Step 4

During the process, you will need to submit the credentials you collect. After this, you just need to select the features that you want to track. And you are ready to check anything, anytime, and that too remotely.

After purchasing spymaster pro you get a dashboard, here you can track his iPhone text messages, social media activities such as Facebook messages, Whatsapp messages, multimedia files, browsing history, cellphone GPS location, and more.

The Features of Spymaster Pro

  • Call Tracking

It gives you access to your husband’s call logs. Thus, you can know about his Incoming and outgoing calls along with their length.

  • GPS Tracking

You can operate this from any location and get the exact location of your husband’s iPhone.

  • Web History Tracking

You can check his internet browsing history with the URL tracking feature and know what your husband searches about all-day-long.

  • WhatsApp Tracking

You can even secretly read all his WhatsApp chats.

  • SMS Tracking

SMS tracking is also possible with this spy software. Even, you can know about the sender or receiver number.

  • Multimedia Tracking

It lets you track all the images, videos, and audio files, as well. With these, you can surely get a lot of information about your husband.

  • Social Media Tracking

From Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat, you can get precise information about all the chats here. Once you read the evidence, you can even save it in case your husband deletes it from his iPhone.

  • Phonebook Tracking

Spymaster Pro also has a phonebook tracking feature. Through this, you will get to know about all the contacts on your husband’s iPhone

For more information read spymaster pro customer’s success stories


We hope that this is the perfect solution for your query about “how to track my husband’s iPhone?” With the growing trends of infidelity in relationships, getting spy software is the need of the hour.

So, if you are suspicious about your husband’s activities, get a solid proof with Spymaster Pro before you decide to confront him!