7 Most Popular Cheating Apps

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The world is full of apps and everyone spends ample time of their day using apps. This could lead to some unwanted scenarios as well. In the modern era where people connect easily through apps, there are high chances partners could cheat quite easily and increase their interactions with other people. This could lead to unexpected scenarios in someone’s life. So, here are the 7 most popular apps that are widely used.


Perhaps the most popular app and one of the top contenders in the 7 most popular cheating apps. Used by billions around the world. It has got an end-to-end encryption feature which means messages can be seen only through the user’s phone. It also has the facility of locking up an account that could be used by a partner to hide their chats. The conversations occurring on WhatsApp often lead to video calling as well on occasion and as the person can delete the records from call history and chat these activities went unnoticed.


This app is primarily responsible for the revolution that has occurred in social media apps. Intending to connect the world this app has paved the way for other social media apps where there was continuous innovation.

This also makes Facebook one of the most used apps for cheating. People not only find someone new they also find a lot of people whom they have known in the past. People simply start by liking the posts and eventually start conversations in Messenger. This may be a common app, but it has the functionality of multi-factor authentication and account locking which gives a certain edge to cheaters. They can very well hide their conversations or simply lock the app.

So, given above are the 7 most popular cheating apps that are used by cheaters all over the world. Reliable monitoring of these apps is only the sure-shot solution that can prevent cheating.


It is another popular multimedia platform that is used by cheaters. This app has people from all over the world which makes it ideal for cheaters. Certain tactics differentiate a rookie user from a professional one in terms of starting an affair.


This app is known for its self-destructive messages which give cheaters an extra advantage while they chat with another person. Not only this they can also share photos and videos which can also be self-deleted if not saved. As there is no proof stored it becomes really difficult to access the situation whenever someone is suspicious about their partner.


This dating app has enjoyed a mass fan following since its inception. This app uses geographical location and lets people view the profile of other users within that specific location. Users just have to right-swipe on the profile they like and if other users also do the same thing they engage in dating conversation. They can also choose to meet someone in person as well. Partners need to be careful if they see this app on other partners’ phones. Millions of users find daily matches through this app.


This messaging application is widely used by cheaters. This 3rd party application is compatible with every device and has features that are likely to be used by serial cheaters. Following are the features responsible for its growing demand

Hidden Chats: This feature usually hides messages and only people who have hidden them can access those messages. A secret pin is used to hide these messages.

Secret Chats: Under this feature, messages will be automatically deleted within 5 minutes, which allows cheaters to send personal messages without worrying.


This app has a secret and anonymous registration model. Therefore is one of the most desirable apps for cheaters. This app does not require a phone number you can simply use your email address and connect with other Kik users. This app also deletes messages after a short period. It has a feature called “meet new people” which allows users to bond with other people of similar interests.

7 Most Popular Cheating Apps

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