Are Office Christmas Parties An Excuse To Cheat?

December 1, 2016 | 9125 Views

We all have heard stories of people cheating on their partners on the event of Christmas celebration. There are certain reasons such as unhappiness, boredom, monotonous love life that lead to infidelity at workplace events, with Christmas being on the top. According to research, 35% of people in serious relationships (married or unmarried) have had sex with a co-worker at their annual Christmas party while 60% have kissed someone under the effect of alcohol.

It is mainly during Christmas celebrations, when colleagues tend to let their guards down and relax with free flowing alcohol. Being in uninhibited state, they are more likely to make compromising decisions, sometimes as extreme as sleeping with a co-worker. Under influence of alcohol, any person can start to get more intense with the person they admire. They often forget about long-term consequences of such decisions, which can terribly affect both their professional and personal lives. Even the most strongest relationships have faced the wrath of betrayal during Christmas season. Cheaters or potential cheaters are easily tempted enough to act on their desires during this festive season.

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