How to Spy on Android WhatsApp ?

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  • Spy on all messages sent and received via WhatsApp by your wife or child.

  • Log in to a remote computer and access all records of your employee phone.

  • Install Spymaster Pro in five minutes and then get ready to intercept all WhatsApp messages from your spouse’s phone.

Spy on Android WhatsApp  Installing spymaster on Android WhatsApp is extremely easy. In order to install spymaster pro you will need access to the target phone for five minutes. After that, you can follow the step by step guide to install spymaster pro


Make Payment - Choose the version you want to buy. You can either go for the basic version which is priced at an extremely affordable US $ 49.95. If you want advanced features like call listening and environment listening you can even opt for the pro version which is also priced at a moderate US $ 84.95. Also, WhatsApp tracking is available only with the pro version so it is advisable to opt for the pro version.

Download the Software – Once you make the payment than you will receive a mail with executive file. You just need to download software on your targeted cell phone. If you are worried about your spouse checking your credit card and coming to know about it then you can relax. Spymaster pro will not show up the exact details on your credit card and will come as PLI charges.


Install the software on the target phone Upon registration you will receive a step by step execution mail to install the software on the target Android cell phone. After you install the software reboot the phone. After that you can start spying from a remote location without leaving any traces in the target’s phone. You will also get the log in details to access WhatsApp messages of the target phone from a remote computer.

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