How Spymaster pro track your kids activities?

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Why do parents need to track children?

As parents, we always want to protect our children in any way we can especially from the internet. It is important as well to expose kids to the use of a mobile phone in case of any kind of emergency. However, the use of a mobile phone can expose kids to many dangerous things and people on the internet. Tracking your child’s phone might sound unethical but there are several reasons spying should be considered in the first place.

The kids we have today are phone freaks. They spend hours on their phone with their parents not knowing the people they have been communicating with or even the type of conversations they have been having. If you are that parent who has a strained relationship with your kid, Spymaster pro gives you the opportunity to spy on your kids without their knowledge. This way, you get to know their conversations online and intervene when things get out of hand.

How you can keep an eye on your children?

  • Parents can prevent their children from dangerous internet activity by monitoring their cell phone. Though it is not the only way to avoid the internet, it is a very effective method. There are also several kid tracker apps that can monitor the different activities on your kid’s phone. You get to check their messages, contacts list as well as the apps they use on their phone.
  • There are some parental control apps that have a blocking feature. This feature limits your children’s access to dangerous materials and apps. Hence, the child will be unable to open dangerous websites or play violent games.

Spymaster Pro – Best Child Cell Phone Monitoring Software

For parents who have decided to buy a child cell phone monitoring software to track the activities of their child, choosing the right spy app is not an easy task. Spymaster Pro is a top-notch kid tracker app that is very safe to use secretly to spy on your children. It is one of the best apps to monitor a child’s phone. This Child Cell Phone Monitoring app will help transfer every of your child’s mobile activities to your own mobile phone. It is rated as the No.1 rated Child Cell Phone Monitoring app and it is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

How spymaster pro helpful for parents?

kid tracker apps

  • Parents can monitor the contents of your child’s phone using the spymaster pro to find any illegal information or activity that your child is involved in.
  • It is a way to protect your child from any form of cyberbullying.
  • Parents can guard their children against any sexual predator online through Spymaster Pro to track a cell phone’s all incoming and outgoing calls and messages from your child’s cellular phone.

Top 5 Features of Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro comes with a lot of mouth-watering features that could help monitor your child’s mobile activities secretly and they include;

  • Call Logs and SMS Tracking

With Spymaster pro, you can track kids SMS from your own device. Spy on all their conversations held via text messages. You can also monitor incoming and outgoing call from your kid’s phone as well as the duration, date, name number and time of each call.

  • Whatsapp Tracking

With the use of Spymaster pro, you can Monitor whatsApp messages and read their conversations. It can also track photos shared along with their date and time.

  • Facebook Messenger Tracking

With Spymaster Pro, you can spy on facebook chat conversations with their date and time. There is no login required to gain access to the target phone. All you need to do is get the software and start monitoring your child’s phone from the comfort of your room

  • Snapchat Tracking

This feature allows you to have full control over all the snapchat messages on the target phone. You can also have access to the exact date and time these messages are exchanged.

  • Instagram Tracking

Spymaster Pro is a wonderful app to monitor child’s phone especially Instagram chat messages and media files like photos, videos and voice notes exchanged from the target phone.


As you have read above, it is very important to monitor your children activities on the internet. With a cell phone monitoring software like the Spymaster pro, you can now monitor those dear to your heart and save them from getting into trouble.

Spymaster Pro Android Installation Process Click Here.

Spymaster Pro iPhone Procedure Guide

Login here:-
Login into this page using username and password. After Login, you will be moved to your control panel/ dashboard. Thereafter, follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1) Scroll down to click on Next button

Step 2) Enter iCloud username and password of the targeted iPhone and click save

Step 3) Select the target iPhone that you want to monitor from the list

Step 4) Enter the device name (Optional)

After completion of steps, you will start receiving the target iPhone information shortly in your dashboard.