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Spymaster Pro is the No. 1 Monitoring Software in the Market which is 100% Safe to use. Own this software to Safeguard your Loved Ones or your Business. Start tracking their Phone Remotely.

Spymaster Pro Features

Absolve your suspicion with the help of Spymaster Pro cell phone tracking software.

Check the call-log of your Child’s or Employees’ mobile phone, from which numbers they have received the calls. Moreover,you can also see the details of their contact list with proper date and time print. You can also check the call summary (duration), history etc..

Read all incoming/outgoing messages on the target user’s cell phone. All the messages are stored into Spymaster Pro account as they are created. Therefore, you will have an entire record of their cell phone’s SMS folder without any hint to your target.

Track the exact location of the target phone. Just log in to the account and find out if your kid is really studying at his/her friend’s home or playing football at field. Spymaster Pro lets you know whither your target go without your knowledge.

Geo-fencing authorizes the user to set a virtual barrier for the target device and when a device surpasses the defined boundary, user receives immediate notification. To track the your employee, kid or spouse, you can access this advanced feature of GPS.

Keyword Filtering is an exceptional feature which permits the user to set effective keywords to filter out few significant messages among others. To draw out the high alert messages from the target phone, this feature would be of great help.

Look into each phone number stored in the target user’s phone and the additional information attached with it . All this gets stored in your personal dashboard. So, now you can easily check all the contacts of the monitored cell phone.

Access target phone information from any browser

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Spymaster Pro ! ( With additional Features )

Start tracing all the websites or content browsed by the target person using Chrome web browser. This feature helps you to know what your target user is searching and is it relevant to their work. Use it for your kids or employees.

Using this feature of Spymaster pro, you can read all the whatsapp chats of your teens or cheating spouse secretly. It will also help you to view the shared photos/Selfies with their date and time specifications. Also check the sender and receiver contact.

Facebook tracking feature lets you monitor entire Facebook conversations and all the shared medias exchanged by the target person with anyone. You can remotely check the messages in the control panel, with the exact time and date stamp.

With Spymaster Pro, you have complete access to all the activities carried out in the suspicious person’s cell phone. It enables you to check the pictures, images, selfies captured on the target user’s smartphone. You can view all the photos anytime.

You can see and check the complete viber chat threads of the doubtful person in your dashboard from anywhere. The app helps you to see through all the Viber text messages of your circled person and find out if something is uncertain.

Using web browsing feature, you can flip through the complete history of the Firefox Mozilla browser. Now, stop assuming and know the real truth of your target user and your kids! It is imperative to keep track of the target user’s online actions.

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