• Spy on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Spymaster Pro!

    The next big shot that Samsung is set to give to its mobile competitors after Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ launch is Samsung Galaxy Note9. Although, its release date is a few months later, but sign of its existence among Samsung fans is already on full swing.

    What is the Expected Launch Date for Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

    Although, it’s not clear, but yes, rumor says that Samsung is ready to make its official announcement for Note 9 by the end of August. Also, the phone’s sale is expected to start by the mid of September.

    What New Can We Expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

    • First of all, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is ready to come back with its tradition of S Pen making it a prominent choice for all pen lovers to buy this phone who have a flair for writing on phone.
    • Samsung has no plan to feature in-screen fingerprint sensor in this edition of phone, but yes, it is set to modify its face scanning feature.
    • Moreover, the software will run on Android 8.0 operating system i.e. Oreo. A good step indeed as users will get to acquaint with n number of features and functionalities.
    • It is also set to bring improvement in battery backup i.e. more than what it had in Note 8 i.e. more than 3300mAh battery backup
    • Lastly, this phone edition will be providing support for upcoming new Android version i.e. Android P in order to grab attention of all potential mobile buyers.

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