WhatsApp Increase Group Chat Limit!!

December 1, 2014 | 8040 Views

For all people having different big friend circles, here is a great news for you, from WhatsApp! The group chats can be just double the present number. Yes, you can now increase the present limits of your nexus from 15 to that of the 50 members in an individual chat group created where the group of numbers have been increased from 50 to that of 100. WhatsApp is offering you an access to expand the cap of your club. This can work as an escalation of more fun and interaction with your peers or loved ones.

Whatsapp Group

Number In Group

In the beginning, you were allowed to add only 15 users in each group which was later amended to the number of 50. Obviously, WhatsApp wanted to increase it’s users and thus taking it the rise of popularity especially among the Indians. This came as an extra perk who were deprived from being into the particular group or love interacting with people but couldn’t be the part of the group just because constraint of maximum limits of the member in it.

WhatsApp- World’s Favorite

WhatsApp is the frontrunner among other social networking sites around the world. But here India definitely calls for the extension in the number of group users to chum with their endless and plentiful friend list. The limit of the invitation did not correlate well with the Indian users. Therefore, WhatsApp end up with bowing down it’s user by fulfilling their urges of increasing the limits from 15 users to 50 and that of the 50 groups to 100.

Although, the report is yet unknown that if the WhatsApp has amended its policy on generation of private groups whilst increasing the maximum limits to 50, etc.

Despite the fact, it is been officially owned by the Facebook, WhatsApp is still under the confidence level of it’s consumers. This perseverance is the main reason why it continues to be the biggest hit and the most preferred app to share the graphic data like images/pictures, videos and audios. This is one of the finest app used for text/messaging communication. It really needs to be applauded!