How to Track Your Child’s Social Media Usage Secretly?

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Technology is an emerging field, especially when it comes to information technology which would never end. Teaching kids about new technology is an interesting thing and an amazing experience for the parents. But children may not get it in the same way we want it to be. Children are very enthusiastic and they just want to hit the newly introduced things in the market. They keep on searching internet or social media for knowing what they don’t know. They would definitely try to learn the things which they are advised not to do.

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Latest technologies allow them to move on easily with their friends. They plan to roam at different places, just by getting attracted through internet. They hang out with anyone, anytime and at anywhere with the help of phones or social media. Sometimes, they don’t even know about the person they are going to meet. For the sake of their enjoyment and entertainment they carry out some immoral activities. Recent studies shows that children in the age group of 10-20 were found spending around 9 hours per day on digital media. Digital media includes everything they read or share or view on internet, phones or laptops. As a parent you need to be very concerned about this report. Spending 9 hours a day on media by a child is really very serious issue. They need proper 8 hours sleep and some quality time for their studies but if they continue to waste their time on unproductive things, it would result into their lower grades.

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Who is responsible?

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Obviously, it’s not possible for the parents to stay with their kids for whole time due to their office hours or children schools. But it is only your responsibility to look after your kids. Nobody else really cares for what they do and why.

Whether you are away from your kids or with them, be very concerned about their activities. You provide them smartphones when they demand without even teaching them about its usage and limitations. Children become addicted to regular search and checking of their social media account.

They enjoy every moment they spend on the internet and they feel bored if they leave their phones behind even for 1 hour. They want to be on internet for whole day chatting with their friends or sharing images or searching for new stuff. No doubt, Internet has become a life for many of us.


It is a great source of information, if properly utilized otherwise it can also destroy the life of children. Children may not get trapped into the group of bloody people so Child Monitoring software is really required.

Teens access media for different purposes. It can be watching youtube video, sharing data with friends including photos, messages, chats, watching televisions, music on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Wi-Fi technology also allows teens to access as much data as they want to by offering wireless connection.

Some children also admit that they are not really interested in wasting their precious time on internet but it is just an addiction that force them to do so. Only 10% teens really perform creative activities using media. Parents should not only try to understand what problems there children are suffering from but also try to find out an effective solution to them.

How can parents monitor their children?

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Parents need to be very alert for the healthy future of their kids. Children never understand the problems that they can face in their lives until you tell them or they suffer from it. Of course, you never want them to suffer, so it is better to educate them at the right time. But you might be confused – how to track whatsapp messages of your child or how to track web history.

The answer to all your problems is- Spymaster Pro. It is an excellent and an intelligent solution to your problems. It works very smartly and secretly that your child would never detect that s/he is under observation.

How does Spymaster Pro help ?


Using this software, you will get every second report of your child. Where s/he is planning to go, where s/he is moving, with whom s/he was chatting late night, what he was searching on the net. You will get full information about every activity carried by him on his phone. Whether he is using Android or iOS, Spymaster Pro works perfectly with both of them. It also allow you to track iPhone without jailbreak.

It is very affordable to grab. You need not to worry for your kid after purchasing this software. Buy it and get to know what exactly your children are doing behind the screen.