Activate Other’s Whatsapp Account via Spymaster Pro!

November 10, 2017 | 9654 Views

Whatsapp, since its inception, has been a widely used by people across the world. Having over 1 billion fan bases, Whatsapp is leaving no stone unturned to offer its users with a good user friendly interface. Regardless of whether you want to use this messaging app for business or personal use, Whatsapp messaging app can let you do everything you want to from voice calling, chatting, video calling, sending emojis to updating status and much more. Also, this influential messaging app is compatible with phones like Android, Windows, Nokia phones, iPhones and much more.

One can’t deny the fact that with amendment of such technologies, life of people has been changed to a greater extent. Let’s take an instance of Whatsapp. Being a free messaging app, it has given liberty to people chat with their loved ones including family members, friends, colleagues, etc. anytime and anywhere and share their good moments.

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But, do you think, people efficiently use this messaging app? Are you sure, your spouse uses Whatsapp resourcefully and not to cheat you? What if, your teen is addicted to Whatsapp all the time? Do you suspect your employee to be busy with someone on Whatsapp in office hours?

If you are falling in any of the above categories, then it’s time to take an action, but silently! Wondering, how? Well, Spyware is a solution to all your problems. The best part of using any reliable spying software is that it lets you activate someone’s Whatsapp account on your phone. Although, the latest version of Whatsapp has introduced security feature of end-end encryption, still some spywares available in the spy market can let you access anyone’s Whatsapp account. And one among them is Spymaster Pro!

Spymaster Pro is one of the leading spywares in spy market that has gained a lot of popularity in previous years due to numerous reasons including:

  • The software is 100% stealth and never reveals your identity to the one whose phone is being monitored
  • Customers are greeted with a good user friendly interface so that they don’t have to face any difficulty in tracking someone’s phone activities
  • The software holds compatibility with both Android/iPhone. Kindly note: iPhone doesn’t need installation or Jailbreak
  • Technical experts from Spymaster Pro provides 24/7 support assistance to its customers who are facing difficulty in using software and its related issues
  • IM chats such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. of targeted phone user can be easily available to users on their dashboard remotely
  • Other features include tracking GPS location and Web browsing history, viewing multimedia files, text messages, phonebook, call logs with date and time and much more

When Spymaster Pro has so much to offer, why not try using this software? So, if you are looking forward to buy this software for spying someone’s Whatsapp account, let’s just give you an overview of how to activate someone’s Whatsapp account in your Android/iPhone. But before that, you need to first confirm whether target phone user has an Android/iPhone.

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Android Phone:

  • In case of Android phone, you will have to buy Spymaster Pro, download, and install the software in target phone. The process will hardly take 5 minutes.
  • Once done, the software will start its work i.e. it will copy the data from target phone and send it to your control panel. So, you can view every phone activity including Whatsapp chats distantly anywhere and at anytime.


  • To track Whatsapp account of a target user having an iPhone, you will have to purchase the software.
  • After that, you will receive an email providing iCloud credentials. Use these credentials to login to your Spymaster Pro account.
  • Once done, start monitoring the targeted phone sitting remotely. No need to touch their phone.


  • Outlook all Whatsapp Conversations sent/received by target user
  • Check name and number of people, the target user is actively chatting with
  • View date and time of Whatsapp chats that were exchanged via target users’ phone

A Word of Advice!

Whatever software you might choose to spy on someone’s Whatsapp account or phone, make sure it is a reliable one and can serve your purpose well, as some softwares run in the market just because of name and not because of its services.

So, choose wisely and track smartly!