How to Spy on WhatsApp For Android Cell Phone?

August 10, 2014 | 6655 Views

Competing its each and every counterpart, the cross platform app WhatsApp has outdone in the realm of instant web messaging and calling. With over 400 million users globally, this chatting platform has became an inevitable part of our day to day life. though it simplified conversations, be it long distance or short ones, with its one click instant approach.

Furthermore, with the increasing count of Android smartphone users worldwide, popularity of this chatting platform is gaining substantial increase. Majority of the Android users use WhatsApp on their cell phones and at times want to spy on WhatsApp of others. The need for spying on whoever it be, can be because of many reasons.

Why You Need to Spy?

In your personal life, you might find your partner’s changing behavior an indication of some extra affair. In other cases, worried parents want to know what exactly their child keeps typing on cell phone. Moreover, the demand for spying cell phones has also gained momentum in the corporate sector. Using a spyware in employee’s phones’, it becomes easy for employers to catch the culprits harming their company.

Cell Spyware is Handy!

All the above mentioned scenarios can lead to serious consequences if appropriate measures are not taken. And, this is where a cell phone spy program comes out to  be the handiest choice. It lets you track an Android cell phone and spy on Whatsapp messages very easily. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Purchase an efficient Android spy software from the web
  • Download the software on the Android device you wish to track
  • Now, install the software program according to the instructions given by the provider
  • When installation is complete, erase the browsing history from the target phone

Congratulations! You can now login to your online spy account through your own cell phone or computer and start checking the activities done by your target. A dynamic and advanced cell phone monitoring software can act as a complete cell phone tracking system because of its ability to act as:

WhatsApp spy app

  • Call Tracking System

From listening and recording of live incoming and outgoing calls to time and date stamp of the calls, a spy software sends each and every detail about the calls on the target phone in real time.

  • Message Tracking System

Be it cell phone text messaging or instant chat conversations of WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, iMessage, a monitoring app will detect every message and update it on your online account.

  • Internet Monitoring Program

All the browsing activities done on the target phone will be sent to you in the form of URL list visited by the phone user. Additionally, the emails sent and received by the person along with email address and name would be updated on your account.

  • Phone Book Tracker

If you want to know who all are there on the contact list of your target, then there is nothing to worry. The cell phone spyware also detects and reports contact names along with number to you.

  • Location Tracker

Today’s advanced cell phone tracking softwares are capable of finding the current cell phone location through GPS tracking. therefore, in real time you can watch your target’s current location, without following him personally.

  • Media File Tracker

All the media files present on the target cell phone such as images, videos and audio files are copied and sent back to your online spy account.

While choosing a WhatsApp spy software for Android phone, ensure its working compatibility with the Operating System and its specific version. There are many softwares available for Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry phones.

The best thing about using a spy software is that you just have to pay for only one subscription. You will not only able to spy on Whatsapp but also enjoy the above spy features. It’s an excellent way to capture strong evidences against your target at a reasonable cost.