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Many of you might have crossed through various review articles or spy websites that claim- iPhone monitoring is not possible without jailbreaking the iPhone device. This means you need to jailbreak iPhone to install spy app in it in order to start monitoring. This is true if we look at the limitations set by iOS. As reported in iOS, it forces you to download all apps from its iTunes store which means you cannot download any third party apps. The simplest way to overcome this limitation is to Jailbreak your iPhone. After jailbreak, your device can enjoy all third party apps which may also include tracking apps. However, Jailbreak is considered to be an unsure method, by many.

Spy on iPhone with Apple id, No Jailbreak


You may think twice or thrice before Jailbreaking any iPhone especially when you are going to monitor your teen. You always want to find a simplest and safe way to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Secondly, if you are a wife who is feeling cheated, you just want to find a spy app that does not demand any physical access of the target iPhone.

For all these worried parents and spouses, Spymaster Pro is the best choice- a well known spy app for iPhone. It helps you to track minute to minute information of the target person at the comfort of your home. This modern software allows you to spy on iPhone with apple id. No need to touch the phone, as every action will be performed remotely.

How to use spy app on iPhone?

The most important thing you must know before purchasing any software is its working and its cost. Of course, everyone wants to buy spy app for iPhone that will offer more features at the lowest price. Spymaster Pro is best to grab. It gives you lots of interesting features to safeguard your teen or to track your husband iPhone without his concern. Let’s endure through its working.

parental monitoring app

  • Buy software and you will receive login details via email
  • Get iCloud credentials of the target iPhone- apple id and password
  • Login to your spymaster account and fill iCloud credentials where required.
  • Start spying on iPhone with its apple id.This software is 100% safe to use as it works in stealthy manner.
    • No need to touch target iPhone
    • No installation required
    • No Jailbreak
    • No indication

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    Spy on iPhone using following features:

    Features of spymaster pro will let you see all data in your account just like it is stored in the target iPhone. These features allow you to:

    • Track Snapchat messages
    • Track Instagram messages and other media files
    • Check all received and dialed Call Logs
    • Track iPhone Whatsapp chats
    • See through all Facebook messages
    • Read all sent and received Text Messages
    • Crawl through Phone Book and View all saved contacts
    • Use GPS Location tracker to track exact location of target iPhone

    Grab this software and start tracking iPhone remotely just using its apple id and password.

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