How to Spy on Android Phone in 5 Minutes?

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Howdy, everyone? Hope you all are doing well? Well, recently we have received a lot of queries regarding the installation of Spymaster Pro. Some users were facing difficulties in installation, while others said couldn’t be downloaded despite of following the instructions.

Even though Spymaster Pro shares a large user base already, yet there has been a significant surge of new users as well. That’s certainly good news and we appreciate all who have been with us throughout this journey and those who have joined us recently.

Well, here, I come up with answers to all who are facing problems regarding the installation and downloading of the spy software on Android cell phones. Most of our user base includes individuals who are either parents, trying to know what is the thing in Smartphone that keeps their teen busy all the time or are employers who are intending to know if their employees are using a company provided cell phone correctly or not.

Well, a simple and straightforward thought that hits my mind at this point is that your earnestness to spy is completely reasonable, as it is your right and duty to know about your kids or employees. This article will be a complete installation guide with step to step explanation so that none of our users face any difficulty. So, let’s take the tour!

Basically, implementation of Spymaster Pro on a target Android cell phone is divided into two modules- initially, you have to complete the registration process, and secondly comes the installation part, and here is what you have to do in both these parts.

1. Registration


Your first step is to register the target Android cell phone on our website. It takes hardly a minute and once it is complete, the target device will be linked to our database so that it’s inside information can be tracked.

registration completion message

2. Installation

In this part, you have to open your email, through which you have registered using the target cell phone, and click on the download link sent to you by us. It will take another minute and as soon as the file is downloaded, you can start installing.

Have a look at the below-mentioned steps which you need to follow starting from registration till installation.

  • Open the menu option on the target Android Smartphone, and select the “Security” option from it. There you will find the “Unknown Sources” option. Just click on that to enable it.
  • After this, initiate a browser window on the cell phone.

Open android phone

  • Now you have to access your email and open the second email you have received from Spymaster Pro. This email contains the software file in the form of an attachment.

open email

  • Click on the attachment and it will start downloading a file named Calc_Pro.apk.

software downloading

  • Once the downloading is complete, open the file by clicking it and select “Package Installer” to initiate the software installation. For more clarity, refer to the below image:

package installer

  • Before starting up, there will be a new pop up window asking for confirmation for software installation. Just click the install button.

installation confirmation

  • The installation will begin immediately.


  • Once, it is complete within another minute, click the “Done” button.

software installed

And you are done! Spymaster Pro software is installed successfully on the target Android device.

Now, you can visit your online dashboard using the credentials sent by us on email and start checking the target phone’s information. However, it may take some time for the software to integrate with the dashboard, so if, you are not able to access it in the first shot, don’t get disappointed, instead wait for a few more minutes and check again. It will surely work!

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