How To Remotely Spy On WhatsApp Conversations?

June 2, 2015 | 9829 Views

Do you feel, many times your loved feels reluctant to answer your questions? Or are they always captivated by their Smartphones which makes you inquisitive? If yes, then do you want to find out to whom they are chatting with and what are topics of their conversation on their favorite chat messenger – Whatsapp? Well, with the help of spy software, it is actually possible to remotely read their chat threads and also know about their messaging network.

Just scroll down and read to know more about it.

# Monitoring Aspects of the Application!

As you manually install the spyware in your target’s phone, the application conceals itself in the Smartphone i.e. marked by you and accumulates all the information to your end in the control panel of the website. Just login by using authorized username and password to view the whole spy-log and truth of circled person by reading his/her Whatsapp chat conversations. Not only conversations, but you can also drag the hidden reality out by seeing the shared multimedia like selfies, images, videos and audio files by your target.

Beside this you can check with the following:

1. Flip Through Text Messages!


Read all group and individual chat conversations done via text messages or on instant messengers viz. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. along with the date and time details. Even the deleted ones can be retrieved and checked, as it gets saved on the server. All the mails can also be read with the application’s email tracking feature.

2. Be All Ears!

Live-Call-InterceptGet details of whom and when the target user is talking to by checking his/her call logs. Spot the complete data of all incoming and outgoing calling numbers along with the date and time stamp. Apart from knowing the details of the call logs, you can even listen and record the phone conversations being made by the marked person.

3. Spot Their Locations


Discover the whereabouts of your children and significant other with the aid of a GPS Location Tracker. Learn if your kids are actually doing the group studies or busy playing a football match with their circle. Their real time location can be known to you in the Google maps.

4. Access Phone Book Contacts!


Ascertain yourself with all the dubious contacts saved in target users’ phone. Also, the additional information saved in target Smartphone like birthdays, address, email id, etc. on the online control panel with the details of the phone number and name.

5. Keep A Private Eye!

It is crucial, especially for parent of teens to keep tabs on their children’s online activities like picture/video/audio sharing with their friends list. Seductive selfies and group photos/images are uploaded on all the social platforms. Sometimes the uploaded pictures are too awkward to be posted on social networking sites which eventually get mishandled by their alleged online friends. So, you can keep a secret eye on your teens’ phone and watch out for their activities.

# A Tenacious Grip Over Their Chat Conversation!

With the help of a smartphone monitoring software , you can watchdog the mobile actions of your target user with an ease. The prerequisites to get started with this software are stated below:

  • Compatibility Check: Check the compatibility of the spy software on the target user’s cell phone OS (Operating System) version.
  • Purchase Software: Quickly visit the official website to get subscribed to the Basic or Pro package of the application.
  • Download And Install: Once you buy the software, you can download and install the application as instructed in the subscribed email onto his/her cell phone.

So, with all the aforementioned features you can remotely spy the marked person and safeguard them from tumbling into any perils!