How to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone or Android

June 29, 2016 | 5840 Views

A good news for all distressed and anxious parents who really want to track their kids activities when they are away. Taking into account these parents, Spymaster Pro has designed its features accordingly. The prime motive of this child monitoring software is customer satisfaction so it tries to accomplish all the needs of the parents. Parents can check their kids’ chats, photos, web history, GPS location and other data without touching their phone. No need to ask your kids about late night chats, no need to shout on them until you know the reality. Analyze the status of your child on the cell phone using distinct features of this intelligent software.

Why to analyse the kids secretly?

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Parents feel that they can directly question their kids and if found something irrelevant, they will warn the children and everything will be settle down. But the reality is entirely different. Today’s generation is very smart. You will never come to know what is cooking in their minds. Either they will show you unnecessary annoyance when they need privacy or they pretend to be very busy and ignore you. The reason can be that your child is trapped by online fraudulents or just enjoying something on the internet that is not relevant to them. So, you need to look after your teens as this is your responsibility. Traditional monitoring may not work and this way is a cheap practice which may results into arguments and disrespect.

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How will it help?


Just purchase the software and sit relaxed. It commits to offer you full support as a virtual spy agent. This software provides you every minute information of your son’s or daughter’s activities on the cell phone. You will be given a personal account and when you will login into the account, the dashboard will show you all the stuff. Just click on the feature you want to use and the associated data will be visible. No need to peep into your child’s phone to see with whom they chat, no need to ask them where were they when arrive home late. Because now you have a full access to their iPhone or android phone. It gives you the following permissions:

  • Read all text messages
  • Check facebook account chats
  • See all whatsapp messages
  • Check call log history
  • Move through all the photos stored in the cell phone
  • Track GPS location
  • Check their web history and much more

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This software works for both iPhone and android without any flaws. If your child runs android then simply you need to install the software on their cell phone, that is just a 5-10 minutes game and start tracking everything in your personal account. However, if they operates iPhone, no installation or no jailbreak is required. Just get the software and start monitoring them.

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Is it safe to use?

keeping-your-teens-phone-secureSpymaster Pro is an intelligent, reliable and 100% safe to use. It gives you relevant information and assures you double security. Firstly, it keeps itself hidden and the target user never realize that s/he is under secret supervision. Secondly, we also keep your loved ones data safe in our database that is handled by our expert and honest team. So, use a smart monitoring and safeguard your teens.