How to Monitor WhatsApp and Other Instant Messages

May 20, 2016 | 6586 Views

Parents are really eager to get the app that can let them know about their teens’ status on messaging apps like whatsapp or social media. Tensed parents just want to shelter their kids from outer bloody world or online perils. These concerned parents mostly have a query- how to monitor WhatsApp and other instant messages of our kids without their knowledge. Besides parents, some partners also want to see the whatsapp chats of their better half with others,in their absence.

Here is a Solution!! Use Monitoring Software

A spy software is the best solution for all worried parents. Not only this, a monitoring software is also used by employers or spouse who have any doubt on the partner or employee respectively. To achieve high level of monitoring with security, it is highly advisable to buy a reliable spy software. 

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Why is monitoring important?

Before coming to the answer, let’s have look on the benefits of monitoring app. Earlier, spying was not this much easier but these days it is quite accessible and that too without any concern of the target person.  You can get access to each and every activity of the mobile phone of the target person. Look into their photos, call logs, messages, track the whatsapp chats, facebook conversation, mails, web history, Monitor Instagram, Snapchat messages and much more. All the information will be shown in your dashboard. Once you purchase the software, you need not to worry at all. This software is very beneficial for the parents, employees and spouse. It is important:

  • to safeguard your kids if they are involved in some immoral activities
  • to catch the deceiving employee
  • to know the reality of a doubtful partner

Before accusing anyone, it is really essential to collect the evidences against that person. The truth might be something else.  Get Whatsapp Tracker and read all the whatsapp chats of the target phone without touching it. You may have a doubt on your wife that she is cheating, whereas you find the reality that is totally different. You can check and help her if she is abused by someone and does not share it with you. Spying is not always adopted with a bad intend, sometimes it can be used to protect your near and dear ones or your business.


It is compatible with both android and iOS, covering all the major mobile phones in the market. Just get the software and start monitoring remotely. If the target phone is iPhone, you can track without installing spy software in it but if it is android, then you need to get its physical access for 5-10 minutes. Once installed, start tracking everything.

Get the software and sit back relax. This software assures you 100% security at both ends and quite affordable. Monitor and safeguard your child for just $6 per month . You will never get captured for using spy app in the target phone as the person can never realize its presence in the phone. It does not indicate anything and keep copying the data from the target phone to your dashboard or account. You can see this data anytime from anywhere.