How To Block Bad Websites?

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As you all know, the internet is filled with numerous websites. Some websites are very essential whereas some websites are a complete waste of time and can cause malicious content as well.

To combat this situation you must understand the difference between good and bad websites. Another important aspect is the browser that you are using; a browser should always trigger a sensitive information alert in case your information is compromised. From all, this question arises how to block bad websites? Moving further, let’s discuss more bad websites and their blocking procedure.

Why do you need to block bad websites?

Why do you need to block bad websites

Internet safety is one of the most important things these days. Bad websites can contain a potential virus that may harm your device. They can steal your sensitive information. In some cases, a browser tracking app and cell phone monitoring app could be helpful in monitoring activities and being safe.
Another case is soliciting your child’s safety when they use the internet. Everyone these days has access to the internet and the internet is full of distractions and temptations. Although it can evolve children it still can deviate their focus from learning. You can also spy on android phone remotely to enhance the safety of your child.

How to Block Websites on Android?

Users these days spend most of their time on the phone. So, it is important to know how to block websites on android. So here are a few steps you can take to block websites on android.

Using a Firewall

You can block unwanted websites and web pages by simply enabling the firewall in the settings. You will have to root your phone to complete this process. To avoid this you can download the app from the play store which does not require rooting.

Using an Antivirus

Antivirus can not only block unwanted websites but can also filter incoming traffic. They usually come with parental control as well. Simply installing Antivirus can easily increase the security of your phone but it must be from a trusted provider.

Using Privacy-Oriented Browsers

Some browsers take special care of your privacy as well as your data. Using these browsers can hinder any website that is malicious and contains a virus.

How To Block Bad Websites

How to block websites on iPhone?

Users of the iPhone have certain advanced features within the iPhone that may help block bad websites. Here are certain steps that iPhone users can take

Using Apple’s Device Settings

Given below are steps that must be followed to block the device

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and select screen time.
  • Now go to Content-Privacy Restrictions-Content Restrictions.
  • Now tap on Web content and use the following options.

Unrestricted: This option is to enable free and casual browsing, users can view any website by enabling it.

Allowed Websites: It is used to provide access to family-friendly websites which could be seen by the users.

Limit Websites: Many websites are not friendly from this feature users can block those websites that can enable safety.

Using websites, blocking app

Another method is using a website blocking app that is easily available like spymaster pro, block site, etc. These apps are easy to install and enhance web safety.

Why choose Spymaster Pro to block bad websites?

Spymaster pro is one of the most trusted tools whenever there is a discussion about parental control and web safety. It has the following advantages that make it a top choice for users


No need to root your Android phone

With spymaster pro, you will not need to root your phone. You simply need to install an app on your phone and rest everything will be taken care of.

Advanced Engineering

Spymaster pro has the latest engineering and architecture that makes it one of the most trusted tools. It adapts according to your phone.

24/7 Support

No matter what day and time it is you can always contact their support team and a support engineer will be there to provide the solution to your problem.

Impeccable Reviews

When it comes to feedback and reviews, Spymaster Pro reviews are always up to the mark. Users are always happy using it which speaks a lot about its performance.


Spymaster is easily compatible with both iOS and Android. It perfectly runs on all the versions and makes your phone secure.

Data Security

Spymaster Pro ensures users’ data is not compromised. Any personal information that is Stored and shared by the user remains secured with spymaster pro.

Overall internet should be consumed carefully with proper guidelines. Tools and apps should be used to improve security and safety whenever necessary. The Internet is an ocean of information but should be utilized in that way.