What is Widget?

Widget is a small application used for displaying data on Android phone’s home screen. Widget is connected to the other apps on the phone. Like, a weather app on an Android phone consist of a weather widget used to display on your screen.

What is USB?

USB is known as Universal Serial Bus that is used to connect computer with game controllers to Android cords. An Android phone consists of a micro USB slot at one end and a USB slot on the other side that makes it easy to sync to any computer.

What is Tethering?

Tethering is a process done by Android users to tether their laptop or desktop in order to share a data connection. This tool is useful in case you’re outside internet coverage area and want to use your phone’s data to use internet connection.

What is an SD card?

SD card is a special memory storage unit that can be inserted easily in any Android phone. The card can be used for holding any type of data that includes pictures, music, movies, games, etc. and whatever you might want to continue on your phone.

What does Root mean?

Rooting is done to allow users to gain access to root of their android phone. That is there no restriction of using an Android phone as the phone is rooted. However, by default Android OS has restrictions making it difficult for Android users to improve the potential of their phones without rooting.

What is Recovery Mode?

Android consist of a recovery mode just like Window’s Safe mode. This recovery mode is a special mode that allows users to debug their system, perform other administrative tasks and access popular recovery mode tools such as Amon Ra and Clockwork.

What is ROM?

While rooting your Android phone, you may want to install custom ROMs on your phone, as these ROMs help you customize your phone in different way. It is basically new OS features with help of which users can perform a variety of tasks. Rooted Android users have an access to a plenty of custom ROMs that stands for (Read Only Memory).