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Teenage-The most beautiful yet delicate age of one’s life. When your child approaches to this age S/He being very inexperienced and unexercised get attracted to all materialistic things. One of those worldly things are digital gadgets- be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Their eyes will be stuck on their tech gadgets all the times regardless about the people and place.


Sometimes it irritates you, you want to know with whom your kid is chit-chatting from hours or what is the that site which has kept him occupied and not letting him/her to stare away from it. Parenting is tricky and unavoidable affair! Thanks to this technological motivated era which has n number of Parental Monitoring software with which you can have a sheer knowledge of what your child is doing right now.

Apart from these Child Monitoring apps, there are 4 obvious parenting do’s and don’ts:

1. Don’t:

* Stop Throwing Values And Ethics Bombs On Your Kid: Bombarding the list of your own generation’s values and ethics will not help you to build or maintain a boundless relationship.

Generation gap



* Mind The Generation Gap: What you did in your generation is the matter of past, thus the gap of the two generations (yours and your younger one’s) have brought in a drastic changes which are perhaps beyond your imaginations. Remember, if you were comfortable enough with what your generation demanded from you then let your teens also be on their comfort zones!


2. Don’t:


* Don’t Behave Like A Dominating Boss: Stop pestering! S/He is your child and not your paid employee so do not ever dominate them or shout or scold them publically.

Dominating Father



* Positive Approach Towards Your Little One’s: For a strong Parent-Kid relationship you need to respect your child’s emotions and activities. As you’re not a lord, king or anything like that so stay calm and behave like a cool guide.


3. Don’t:


*Yelling Is Not An Option – Most of the parents think that talking harshly is the only way out to stop any discussion with their child. Well, dear parents here you’re Wrong! even if a child is talking wrong do not stop the discussion by yelling on him/her.





*Be Patient! – Sometimes you observe that the things are crossing your family value’s line of control. This is the time when you need to be patient. Discuss the matter and sort it out with maturity.


4. Don’t:


*No hard and fast rules to be imposed: Never impose hard and fast rules upon your kid to restrict him/her on doing whatever they want. This will sound too strict resulting into disheartening them.




*Become tech savvy- To have a control on your technical driven kids you need to be a tech savvy parent. There are variant kinds of Kids Monitoring Software available in the internet. Just download and then install it secretly on your teen’s devices if you want to know what exactly S/He is doing on it.


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