Spymaster Pro is Now Compatible with iOS 11.2.6

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Did your iPhone ever get stuck in looping boots? Did a Unicode in Telugu crashed your iPhone or made your Instant Messaging Chats inaccessible?Well, no worries, as alike you, a number of iPhone users were victimized with these bugs and made it impossible for iPhone users to access their phone. However, to all unhappy iPhone users, it’s time to rejoice. Apple released its new update iOS 11.2.6 on February 19, 2018 that includes all fixes that iPhone users were going through. This update is not only released for iPhone users, but at the same time, for iPad and iPod users as well.

Here is what iPhone has fixed in its latest update 11.2.6:

  • It fixed an issue for an Indian language where a Telugu character made iPhone as well as other apps installed in the phone like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Messages to crash, thus making it nearly inaccessible.
  • It also fixed a bug that affected in-built apps and Safari on Apple Watch and macOS and stopped it from further crashing on these platforms.

How to Download iOS 11.2.6 update?

It’s very simple to download iOS 11.2.6 update. To do so, go to Settings option -> General -> and Software Update.

ios 11.2.6

Spymaster Pro is Compatible with iOS 11.2.6!

Another good news is that, Spymaster Pro is now compatible with iOS 11.2.6. So, if you are planning to spy on an iPhone of someone, then this is the right software that you can go for. Want to know more about the software?

Software Highlights:

  • The software can check someone’s phone SMS’s, phonebook, Call log details, calendar activities, web browsing history, emails, etc.
  • It can also access someone’s IM chat applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram messages, chats, Snapchat, Facebook chats, etc.
  • Apart from this, users can also get an advantage of easy refund policy, 24/7 customer support service and that too in multilingual languages, easy user interface, and much more
  • Moreover, user’s identity completely remains safe and hidden i.e. one’s whose phone is being monitored won’t come to know that what all is going on in their phone, as no software icon will be displayed on their phone screen.

Isn’t that amazing? Well, Spymaster Pro team dedicatedly works to give its customers the best kind of services. So, what are you waiting for? If you are willing to spy on an iPhone or even on an Android phone, do that seamlessly with Spymaster Pro without bothering of being exposed.