Scam Alert: Protect Your Teen from Online Dating Fraud

September 19, 2016 | 6332 Views

Having heard about many cases of online dating frauds, you would never want your loved ones to be in that situation. But these dating websites are increasing day per day and you never come to know when your dear gets trapped by someone through these sites. Searching innocent profiles and sending them requests has become very easy. The bloody people just wait for a single click that confirms the request and the game starts.

According to the recent news by Forbes, U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) penalized a swindler for defrauding innocent group of 50 investors. This group also includes six women, he connected through online dating website. As per SEC report, the attacker played very smartly. He did not directly ask anyone for money but to invest money in his business. He convinced these people one by one to buy high-profit yielding shares of his company that are going to be finished soon.


However, all the above created story was nothing more than a scammer’s plan to pull money from these investors and to use it for his personal expenses, including a purchase of a ring worth $20,000 for the most recent girlfriend, he approached via online dating website.

As per saying, lie has no legs so a swindler could not run a long race. He is being charged by court for his dubious activities. But such activities do not cease here. Still you need to be very protective for you and your teens. Protect your teens online, as there are many fraudsters who connect with innocent people, persuade them for dating or to share pictures and later use this information for blackmailing. Your teen may be a victim and cannot share anything with you because of guilt or fear.

How to protect your teens from online dating scams?

protect child online

You need to be very alert when your child is in a growing stage. Teens love to spend most of their time on internet, social media websites or even dating websites. Some people use child monitoring tool to check out what their kids do online and others use traditional methods.You cannot directly ask your teen to stop using these websites or making new friends. This would be rude attitude and they won’t accept you that way. Here are the best methods to protect your teen online.

  • A regular healthy conversation can help: Your child may not share everything with you but if you become their friend then they may quickly talk about their problem and you can sort it at that moment. These problems may include online child bullying or bullying at school.
  • Aware your child about online scams: When you offer a phone or PC to your teen with internet connection, you should also aware them about the online scams that ruined the lives of many people. Give some examples so that they always stay alert if someone approaches.
  • Use child monitoring tool: The best method to protect your child online is to buy a software to keep a secret eye on every cellular activity of your child. You can check everything remotely either they are sitting in their room or in school or at tuition. You need not to peep into their phones or to ask them with whom they were conversing late night. Read all WhatsApp chats and Facebook messages, check all photos they click or share with others, go through call logs and phone book contacts, track their GPS location in your own account. It works secretly and your child will have no idea about secret monitoring. This child monitoring software will serve you perfectly.