Is your Kid Bullied? There is an App to Reveal the Truth !

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Bullying is an issue everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. It is an emotionally and physically scarring experience for its victims. 28% of U.S students in the age group of 6 to 12 have experienced bullying. It is a globally pervasive issue that affects a large number of people.

Definition of Bullying

By definition, bullying is an unwanted and aggressive behavior exercised through force, coercion, threat, or abuse against a person or a particular group of people. This harassment of action is exerted generally for asserting domination with the logic being the difference of class, race, gender, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, family lineage, strength, ability generally used to force this toxic behavior.
This form of oppression generally gets divided into 2 main types which are:-
1. Individual bullying
a. Physical
b. Verbal
c. Relational
d. Cyber-bullying

2. Group
a. Mobbing

Statistics on Bullying

Bullying as a menace is running wild throughout the world. Kids are especially an age group that is getting very significantly affected by this toxic part of human nature. Things have gotten exceptionally bad as there are now many movies, songs, television, and literature around the subject of bullying.
Here are some troubling statistics:-
– 160,000 kids per day have skipped school because of the fear of being bullied
– 70% of bystanders have witnessed bullying
– 1 out of 3 students admitted bullying at school
– 20% of U.S students in grade 9 to 12 have experienced bullying
– 28% of U.S students in class 6 to 12 have experienced bullying
– 70.6% of school students admit seeing bullying in their schools
– 70.4% of school staff have seen bullying

– Ashleyn Connor got bullied to the extent that she started begging her mom for not going to school, as a result of what was happening at school. She was called ‘fat,’ ‘ugly’, and ‘slut,’ She cut short her hair, and then she got called ‘pretty boy.’ Sometime later, she got found hanging in her closet by a scarf.

How is Social Media used to Bully kids?

The increase of social networking sites or social media sites as they get popularly called has fueled the rise of cyber-bullying. Ditch the Label did a survey where 47% of kids admitted to getting nasty comments on their profile, and 62% received such offensive messages through direct messaging apps.
The social media sites state very clearly that they are for the age of 13 and over. Although, it is no secret that countless kids get around that by lying about their birth date. The result is nothing less than disturbing as 91% who reported cyber-bullying reported no action taken.

Mean Girls movie quote ‘There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who do evil stuff being done and don’t try to stop it.’

A cruel example of social media bullying is of David Molak. A 15-year-old, nice boy and loved by many, had a healthy life, a beautiful girlfriend, and was a fitness enthusiast. He hung himself in his family’s backyard. For no apparent, he started receiving messages from around 6 to 10 bullies who insulted him and put him down. After a while, it didn’t seem like it was going to stop, and it crushed his spirits. His brother tried to comfort him, but he didn’t bear. 3 days later, he ended his life.

Signs to Know if your Kid gets Bullied

Bullying can take many forms. Whether it is internet trolling or physical abuse or mental torture at school or other places. Kids are increasingly facing these forms of attack because of an increasing culture of jealousy, show-off, validation, and feeling superior by putting someone down.
But if you can read the signs, as a parent it will be of great help to stop it in time:-
– You see him coming home quite often with torn, damaged, or missing items or belongings.
– They continuously make excuses for not going to school.
– It takes a longer route to come from or to the school.
– Either your child has no or very few friends with whom he or she spends time.
– No explanation for some cuts, bruises, and injuries.
– Most of the time, they remain depressed, moody, sad, or teary-eyed.
– Seem to experience a loss of appetite.
– He or she suffers from anxiety and suffers from a general loss of self-esteem.

How to Prevent the Effects of Cyber-Bullying?

Online bullying can take many forms like trolling, abuse, cyber-stalking, insults, mob attacks, etc. which can create a significant toll on a young mind. Done through various forums online that kids use to a large extent can become a huge issue and get to the point of death sometimes.
It is critical to prevent the ghost of cyber-bullying from consuming their lives:-
– Restrict access to the internet by blocking certain websites.
– Monitor the children’s online activities with tracking software.
– Block anyone who harasses your kids.
– Keep the passwords from your kid’s online accounts with you all the time. Keep checking every once in a while. You will be able to check what is happening on their online feeds.

How to use Spymaster Pro to Combat Bullying?

Spymaster Pro is the leading parental control software in the market. It is not a one-stop solution to your problem, but it can aide your efforts in stopping your kids from becoming a victim to this menace. As it has become apparent, Cyber-bullying has become the most prominent form of bullying today.
Increasing the form of the internet in every hand through smartphones has fueled this phenomenon more than anything else. The 24*7 monitoring possible through Spymaster Pro with real-time tracking can help you stay updated on everything your kids do.
Here are some ways:-

Sensitive Information Alert: SIM Change
Sensitive information alerts can be set on the target mobile to get instant alerts. If any set of words get received on their mobile, you will get alerts. You can go to the Sensitive information alert page for detailed information. One critical alert is the SIM change alert which will notify you if the child is using a separate alert to keep secrets from you about being bullied.

Track your child after school
Tracking your child after school is also a handy and practical step to take to combat the menace of bullying on your kids. Your kids may be using a longer route to avoid facing their bullies.
Using the GPS tracking option of Spymaster Pro can be extremely helpful if they are taking the longer route to come to and from school. If a bully has taken them to a new location, you will immediately get alert when you enter the places they are supposed to go through to get home and school.

Final Thoughts

‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty’ – Maya Angelou.
Life is hard, and it gets worse before it gets better. But that doesn’t mean that it gives someone the excuse to make it harder for a kid, and if you think your kid is becoming a victim of such a practice, don’t make the mistake of ignoring it. Take immediate steps and take the aid of a tool of technology like Spymaster Pro not to let your kid fall prey to the menace of bullying in all its ugly forms.

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